Hollywood Hypocrisy

201501190801_Boycott-HollywoodLet’s send a loud and clear message to Hollywood that we will no longer support their Hypocrisy!  Hollywood and celebrities who make millions from action films featuring guns has come to a head with actor Liam Neeson (paid 20 million for Taken 3).  In fact, his recent statements regarding gun-control in the United States has prompted gun manufacturer PARA USA to boycott all of the actor’s upcoming projects.  They have also asked others in the industry to do the same.  We truly hope they do, along with every American who supports the Second Amendment.  We work hard for our money so why would we give our hard earned money to people that actively attack our beliefs?  Would you write a check to a gun-control group like Moms Demand Action?  Of course not!  So, why do we give our money to these celebrities?  Can you image what would happen if every gun owner boycotted them?  It would definitely send a message!!


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