Un-freakin believable!

Un-freakin believable!  Gun control group Coalition to Stop Gun Violence wants Fox News affiliate WTTF to fire Emily Miller, an investigative reporter.  They claim she violated journalistic ethics when she appeared and spoke at a rally on January 19th held by Virginia Citizens Defense League.  During Emily Miller’s speech she said that Washington, D.C. “is not part of America, because they don’t recognize the Second Amendment.”  I happen to agree with her and so do many American’s.

Citing the Society of Professional Journalists, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence asserts that Emily Miller did not “act independently” by avoiding “conflicts of interest, real or perceived.”  I’m sorry, but how many journalist out there have sided and voiced their opinion on Gun-control?  The list is long and filled with high profile Journalists from around the nation.  So my question is why haven’t they demanded that these other journalists be fired for violating their ethics?  I know, it’s a stupid question.  They are fine with a journalist who sides with their agenda and have absolutely no issues supporting  the spreading of their lies.

If Fox News caves to these demands I will have one less news source to follow.

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