Rights of the People

In a land of government oversight and infringements we still have, for the time being, the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  These documents prepared and presented by our founding fathers are what separates America from every other nation on the planet. The Bill of Rights is just that, the Bill of Right and not the Bill of Laws.  They are not laws granted or assigned to a few select.  They are unalienable rights that every American citizen is born with.  They cannot be debated, re-written or otherwise altered in anyway.

If our government continues down the path to tyrannical governance it will be these very rights that our founding fathers identified as unalienable that will save our nation.

The First Amendment gives us the freedom to discuss, debate and even criticize our government without threat of retribution or punishment.  It also gives the media that same protection and in normal circumstance the media would provide government oversight, yet this safeguard has failed. The media has failed to provide this oversight to the people, instead the majority of our media seems to be working for the government.

Secondly, we have the doomsday provision that’s activated when all else has failed; this is better known as the Second Amendment.  Many on the Left suggest this doomsday provision is out dated and useless in our current society.  I beg to differ; it’s our current society that’s makes this doomsday provision very much relevant.  These same individuals think it’s preposterous that an armed civilian uprising could be any match for our military. I agree, our military is an awesome force, the best equipped and trained in the world.  Which leads me to ask “What makes up the vast majority of our military?”  Our mighty military is made up of patriotic, freedom loving, flag raising AMERICANS who have taken a oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against enemies foreign and domestic.  What side do you think they would take if the doomsday provision was activated?

We can learn much from history and a civil war is the last thing anyone wants.  We as a nation need to focus on rebuilding and restructuring what has been lost over the years due to corrupt individuals with personal goals rather than national goals leading their decisions.

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