Universal Background Checks


The thought processes of our gun-control advocates are confusing and at times bat shit crazy. We’ve all heard their cries for universal background checks……”If it only saves one life!!!” Whatever. Go preach to someone that believes your line of BS! Background checks will not work. Bad guys do not abide by our laws, which is why we call them criminals.

So, let’s say for the sake of argument that universal background checks will reduce gun violence; even if it saves one life! I’m all for responsible gun ownership and I would never sell a gun to a bad guy or mentally unstable person, even if I needed the money to buy food for my family. Let’s review some of the steps needed for a background check before we move on: The only way to run a background check is to drive to a FFL or a police station. This takes valuable time out of your schedule and it also costs money. Two strikes already and we just got started. Who wants to drive to an FFL or police station? Who wants to pay the $25, $50 or more transfer fee? I’m thinking not that many will.

Here’s a suggestion

  1. Place NICS on the internet
  2. Allow unrestricted access
  3. Do not charge a fee
  4. Print out a confirmation page that you have submitted and passed a background check with your name and date.
  5. The seller would retain the confirmation page for their records.
  6. Seller and buyer are happy and we can have universal background checks to shut up the gun-control groups.

Would a system like this work? Of course it would, but it will never happen. It will never happen because gun-control advocates do not really want a background check; they want to make the lives of gun owners miserable and they want to ban guns. They cry for background checks today and once they have achieved that, they will begin to cry for something else.

Responsible gun owners are responsible. Criminal gun owners are criminals. It is truly that simple.

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