Brass Balls Campaign

Our Republican representatives in D.C. are spineless, ignorant, cowards that stand for nothing.  Absolutely nothing. 

When was the last time they stood for anything?  When was the last time they said “hell no” and stuck to it?  When was the last time they stopped Obama and his administration?  We can’t remember!  You people are our representatives and you have failed miserably.  You keep telling us you can’t do that or this because it would shut down the government.  Listen up… the government needs to be shutdown.  Take a stand for something and stop rolling over and pissing on yourself.  It’s embarrassing.

It’s scary that your Democratic counterparts stand up for what they believe.  When was the last time they backed down?  Never.  The situation is even worse.  The Republicans control the House and Senate and they still fail.  What a bunch of worthless losers.  Do they have anything their willing to fight for?

Do you remember what John Boehner and Mitch McConnell said before the 2014 Mid-term elections?  They said they needed control of the House and Senate.  Guess what?  The people gave it to them.  Guess what?  They haven’t done sh*t with it.  In fact, Boehner resigned after we gave him exactly what he wanted.  What the hell is up with that?  The majority of our Republican politicians are worthless; they’re worse than Democrats.  Why?  They’re worse because Democrats don’t back down for anything.  They have their misguided opinions and policies that’s destroying our nation but they don’t back down.  I give them credit for that.  Republicans need to grow a pair.  Stop rolling over and playing dead!  Stop giving up before the battle has started.  It’s disgusting and we’re tired of it.

Do you want to know why Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Ted Cruz are kicking butt?  It’s simple.  They stand and fight for what they believe.  Ted Cruz is the only political candidate running for President that has a pair of brass balls.  America needs someone willing to fight for something.  Donald Trump is another, but he’s not a politician, which explains his poll numbers.  We have nothing against Ben Carson, but we think he’s too nice to handle the mess we’re in.  We need someone that will take names and clean house.  We need someone that will walk down the streets of Washington D.C. swinging a big pair of brass balls!

Let’s call it the “Brass Balls Campaign”.  Liberal heads will EXPLODE.

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