Just Shut Up Already

How many times do you hear racist, sexist, homophobia, etc, etc, etc every single day? 

Just shut up Already!!!

We’re sick and tired of it.  To everyone out there that feeds into this crap need to shut the hell up.  Crawl back downstairs to your mothers basement and let the rest of us live our lives.  You are not wanted or needed and we sure the hell do not want to hear your opinion.

I hate Chinese food because I hate rice.  Does that make me a racist?  Apparently.  I want to keep illegal aliens out of my country.  Damn, a double whammy.  What about Syrian refugees.  Same, stay the hell out.  I completely despise Hillary Clinton.  I’m I sexist?  Apparently.  Do you want to know something?  Maybe, just maybe we don’t have a racist or sexist issue in America.  Maybe we have a liberal problem.  Maybe we have a corrupt political system.

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