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1776-05-05 Wicked Rebellion

This Day In History

On May 5, 1776, British Lieutenant General Henry Clinton issues a proclamation denouncing the Patriots’ “wicked rebellion” and recommended that the inhabitants of North Carolina return their allegiance to the King. He offered full pardon to all Patriots, except Continental Army Brigadier General Robert Howe and North Carolina Patriot Cornelius Harnett.


Primaries: Moving Forward

Last night was a shocker.  We didn’t expect Cruz to call it quits but honestly, it was the right call.  Trump has dominated the primaries and he will continue to dominate.  Cruz really had no chance after Trump took all 5 primaries a week ago.

At this very moment the GOP leadership is shitting themselves.  They are in panic mode and there’s absolutely nothing they can do.  Well, there is but it would be political suicide; if the GOP does anything to steal the nomination away from Trump they would be finished.  There would be no saving them.  There is absolutely no way Trump will not get the magic number of 1237.  None.  It’s a sure bet that with Cruz out all remaining delegates will go to Trump.  So the only way the GOP can stop this, is if they change that magic number.  It would be suicidal and I don’t think, or would hope to think that they are not that stupid.  But hey, we are talking about politicians.

Do you realize this whole Trump candidacy is all their FAULT?  It is.  We sent a very loud message in 2014 and they failed to hear it.  They ignored us.  They blew us off like we didn’t count and this was after we elected them.  The rise of Trump is squarely on the shoulders of the GOP leadership.  If the Republicans would have listened and done what the people wanted, I doubt Trump would have entered the race.  Why would he?  What is the Presidency going to give Trump that he doesn’t already have?

Some say that Trump is a democratic decoy.  Really!  Why would someone enter a field of 16 candidates if he was a decoy?  Why not enter the smaller democratic race?  Oh, he was plant to win Hillary the White House.  Really!  Wasn’t Hillary a shoo in for the White House back when Trump entered?  Everyone knew Hillary was the sure bet.  So why would they need a decoy?  I’m sorry but it’s not as complicated as many would think.  Is it so hard to believe that the man simply wants to rebuild our nation?  There’s a point in everyone’s life when they have simply had enough.  Trust me, I’ve been there for a while, so has Doc and so has millions of other Americans.  We’ve had enough and we want our nation back.

Is Trump controversial?  Absolutely.  Is he the right person to bring change to our stagnant and corrupt political system?  Absolutely.  Is he better than Hillary?  Absolutely.  I will vote for ANYONE and I mean ANYONE running against Hillary.  Who’s telling you Trump is a racist?  Who’s telling you Trump is a bigot?  Who’s telling you Trump is sexist?  Mainstream media, that’s who.  Haven’t we already determined you can’t trust a word that comes out of their mouths?  How successful is Trump’s company?  Do you honestly think anyone with those attributes would have such a successful company?  I know, I know.  He wants to build a wall, a wall to keep out illegal aliens.  He doesn’t want to keep out or deport citizens or those looking to become legal citizens.  What about the refugees.  OMG…. are you serious.  Why would we want refugees that we can’t verify who they are?  That’s like opening up the ISIS flood gates.  Then we need to look at why our nation is currently treating refugees better than our own citizens, or our VETS!  Screw the refugees.  Just look what they’re doing to Europe.  Oh, that’s right you don’t see what their doing to Europe because the media doesn’t report on that.  Trump says that Hillary wouldn’t have a 5% chance if she wasn’t a woman.  And….  She wouldn’t.  She plays that woman card every single day.  I for one want a wall.  I for one want to stop the refugees.  I for one think Hillary is playing the woman card.  I also think Hillary could give a rats ass about women’s rights.  Hell, she’s done more damage to women than any other political figure.  People say that once Trump become the nominee the media will expose all his deepest, darkest secrets.  Don’t you think they have already tried?  They’ve done everything they can to derail his candidacy.  The media needs to worry about Hillary’s deepest, darkest secrets.

Are we waving the Trump flag?  No.  We are waving the Republican front runners flag.  We’re waving the flag the American people have selected as the Republican nomination.  We’re waving the flag of political corruption.

I’ll tell you a little secret.  Last spring I said to myself that I would support whoever the media hated the most.  What candidate the media went after would be the person I supported.  Why?  Simple.  Mainstream media has a liberal, socialist agenda and their fear is a Republican President that will not bow to their demands.  Can we get over the mudslinging that has taken place over the last 13 months?  Yes, we do it every time there’s an election.  Can we all get behind one candidate to beat Hillary?  Yes, we can and we have to.  There is no other option.

Trump now needs to focus on Hillary.  He needs to focus on a running mate and then his cabinet.  He needs to show the American people who he will surround himself with.  Who will be his advisors.  This is a crucial step and one that needs to be announced sooner, rather than later.  What is a Presidency?  The Presidency is more than one person, it’s a group of people coming together for a single purpose.  That single purpose needs to be focused on rebuilding our nation.

Will there be people that stay home and not vote?  Will there be Democrats that vote for Trump? Will there be independents that vote for Trump?  Will there be conservatives that vote for Trump?  Yes, we believe voter turnout will set records.  Can we survive four years with Hillary as President?  Can we survive four more years of liberal policies and the attacks on our freedoms and liberties? No.  Staying home and not voting in November will be a vote for Hillary.

If you care about our economy, you can’t sit this one out.  If you care about our freedoms and liberties, you can’t sit this one out.  If you care about America and our way of life you can’t sit this one out.  Our nation is in rough shape and it’s needs us more than ever before.  Could we be wrong about Trump.  Yes, but do we have any other choice?


Let’s talk about Trump protesters for a moment, the one’s from California this past weekend, specifically those protesters that believe a secured border is a bad, racist idea. 

Trump supports and promotes secured borders and this in turn makes him a racist.  What??  Oh, it gets better, not only are they protesting a secure border some are doing it while waving the Mexican flag and some are protesting by burning the American Flag……..yes, you read that correctly, WTF?  How does this even make sense?  The articles that we have been reading on this subject, do not state whether or not the protesters are citizens, green card holders or illegal Aliens, but our guess is there is probably a mix of all three.  This begs us to ask these questions: Why are they waving the flag of a country they ran from?  Why are they burning the flag of a nation they fled to?  WOW!!  If you’re waving the Mexican flag and burning ours why don’t you pack your sh*t and head back over that border you crossed illegally.  If you are an American citizen burning our flag, well that’s a whole other story so we won’t even go there.

How is this Trump’s fault?  Every country out there has secure borders, yet his proposal is racist.  Absolutely none of this adds up.  If you’re an immigrant and came to the United States legally wouldn’t you want secure borders?  You worked hard for your citizenship and others think they can just walk over the border to become a citizen.  Please tell us one other country that will allow you to just walk in and instantly become a citizen………

Yeah, this all makes sense.  Let’s violently protest while waving the flag of a country we ran from and burning the flag of the country we ran to………..  Can we protest stupidity?

My god, my head hurts.

Just Shut Up Already

How many times do you hear racist, sexist, homophobia, etc, etc, etc every single day? 

Just shut up Already!!!

We’re sick and tired of it.  To everyone out there that feeds into this crap need to shut the hell up.  Crawl back downstairs to your mothers basement and let the rest of us live our lives.  You are not wanted or needed and we sure the hell do not want to hear your opinion.

I hate Chinese food because I hate rice.  Does that make me a racist?  Apparently.  I want to keep illegal aliens out of my country.  Damn, a double whammy.  What about Syrian refugees.  Same, stay the hell out.  I completely despise Hillary Clinton.  I’m I sexist?  Apparently.  Do you want to know something?  Maybe, just maybe we don’t have a racist or sexist issue in America.  Maybe we have a liberal problem.  Maybe we have a corrupt political system.

Debating and Educating


Have you ever had a gun debate with a person that’s not for or against guns?

Today we all need to fight for our Second Amendment Rights.  We need to be educated and we need to spread that knowledge to those who do not have an opinion.

I had a conversation yesterday with my boss.  We started talking about politics which lead us into a conversation about guns.  She admitted she didn’t know much about guns or gun Rights but thought it was absurd that civilians could own and operate military weapons.  She also threw out that our Founding Fathers never intended on us to own these types of weapons.  I know, talking politics and guns at work is the fastest way to the unemployment line but I took this as an opportunity to educate her on our Rights as Americans.  We talked about guns and gun-control for 20-30 minutes and I think I cleared up some misconceptions about guns.  At the end of our conversations she mentioned she’d go to the next gun show to see what it was all about.  I also believe she now knows that the scary looking AR15 is no different than any other semi-automatic rifle out there.

Our Founding Fathers were concerned about a centralized government that was stronger than civilians.  The Second Amendment wasn’t written to protect our hunting rights.  It was written to protect us against tyranny.  They absolutely wanted the people of the United States to be as powerful, if not more than our government.  In our opinion we believe our Founding Fathers would disagree that our government bans certain types of weapons from private ownership.


A couple days ago Doc got pulled into an online conversation about transgenders and public restrooms. 

You would think this would have been a short conversation but no, it lasted way too long.  What was interesting and why we’re writing this is to point out how brainwashed the general public is.  Liberals have done a great job brainwashing the public and it is scary how easy it’s become for them to plant an idea into the heads of brainless drones.  Maybe brainwashed is the wrong term, how’s “programmed” work?

The conversation was started by someone that said genitals did not dictate sex.  Yes, someone actually wrote that.  So the conversation begins and quickly descends into complete and utter lunacy.  Doc was having a good ole time crushing them as it become apparent that no matter what she said, they would not accept it.  She even moved the conversation away for human and tossed in the animal factor.  What dictated the sex of our dogs?  Was it their feelings or was it what genitals they were born with.  OMG…..  that got the fires burning.

We admit we do not know what struggles transgenders face on a daily basis and honestly we do not care.  That may seem insensitive but we have enough to worry about.  We really do not need to worry about what makes us a man or woman and yes there are only TWO options.  There’s no middle ground when it comes to sex.  Man!  Woman!

1861-04-12 American Civil War

This Day In History

On April 12, 1861 the bloodiest four years in American history began when Confederate shore batteries under General P.G.T. Beauregard open fire on Union-held Fort Sumter in South Carolina’s Charleston Bay.  After South Carolina seceded on December 20, 1860, the state demanded the fort be turned over but Union officials refused.  This was the beginning of the American Civil War.