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Facts and trivia from American History

How To Address President-Elect George Washington

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There was initially a question as to how to address President-Elect George Washington. The Senate proposed that he be addressed as “His Highness the President of the United States of America and Protector of their Liberties.” Both the House of Representatives and the Senate compromised on the use of “President of the United States.”


1781-03-01 Articles of Confederation

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On March 1, 1781, the Articles of Confederation are finally ratified.  Ratification came nearly four years after Congress had signed and sent the Articles of Confederation to the individual states for ratification.  The delay was caused by Virginia and Maryland arguing over land claims.


1803-02-24 Marbury versus Madison

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On February 24, 1803, the Supreme Court decides the landmark case of William Marbury vs. James Madison, Secretary of State and confirms the legal principle of judicial review; the ability of the Supreme Court to limit Congressional power by declaring legislation unconstitutional in the new Nation.