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The Establishment Has Failed Us!


We truly believe our nation is in the crapper; our politicians have failed the people.  Period.

Our elected officials are our representatives in D.C., but the only thing they represent is themselves.  So one must wonder why they hate Trump so much.  Seriously, they just enlisted the aid of a FAILED Presidential candidate to go after Trump.

Please explain to me how the establishment can attack a candidate that the people apparently want as their President?  Isn’t the President elected by the people, for the people?  Why does the establishment even have a say in the matter?  What’s up the “delegate”?  One would assume whichever candidate wins the state should pick up all of the delegates.  Are we right or have we missed something?

Yesterday morning Mike Huckabee stated that the Trump phenomenon is a peaceful “overthrow of the government and that the Republican establishment should be glad it’s being achieved with “ballots not bullets”.  You know, he 100% correct.  Again, I must ask why is the establishment fighting the obvious?  The people want Trump.  We’re not advocating for Trump but rather our system.  The system in place gives the people the power to select who represents them and it seems the people want Trump.  The establishment needs to sit back and shut up.  Stop treating the American people as mindless minions.

The side effects of a Trump win would also purge our nation of some very vocal liberals.  That is, if they would keep their word and move out of the United States if Trump won.

Right now Americans are extremely fed up with both parties.  They have failed and they have yet to realize that we’ve already fired them.


Well-Armed: Fully or adequately armed for war or combat

Reference: Oxford Dictionaries

Americans by far are the best-armed population in the WORLD.  Yes, we have enough firepower to start another branch of the military.  Why is this?  There are several reasons, but the primary reason would be the wisdom of our Founding Fathers.  They had just finished kicking the British out of North America and they were in the process of forming a brand new nation.  A nation known as the United States.

See, they had just finished battling tyranny and in no way did they ever want to go through that again.  They also didn’t want their descendants to go through it.  This of course brings us to the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights is a list of Amendments to our Constitution.  It’s a list of individual Rights that they felt compelled to list and protect.  These aren’t ordinary, run of the mill Rights……nope.  They are what we refer to as God-given Rights.  Who can’t take away God-given Rights?  You got it…

Wait, what’s the militia statement mean?  I’m not part of a militia.  Dammit to hell, the Second Amendment doesn’t apply to me.  Well, you’re in luck; you may think the militia is similar to our National Guard but it’s not.  Back in 1791 the people were the militia.  You see the Bill of Rights is a list of individual Rights and the National Guard or whatever the left wishes to call the militia would have been an organized or standing army, an army of the state.

If that’s not enough they added the final piece.  The Right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed.  Any questions there?  Didn’t think so.  Yes, there’s been debates over the Bill of Rights as long as you and I have been alive.  Even longer but you get the picture.

Without a doubt the Second Amendment is the most import ant Right we have as Americans.  It protects and defends our other Rights as Americans from a tyrannical government.  It gives us the ability to be a well-armed militia and it’s going no where.  Americans around the nation are waking up and reading the Bill of Rights and our Constitution for what it is.  It’s a document that places limits on our government, not the people.

To celebrate our Constitution we suggest you go out and purchase a gun.  Then post a picture online to irritate a liberal.  If I’m ever elected President we will have Irritate a Liberal Month.  Protect your Second Amendment Rights and VOTE!  Be heard you well-armed American!

Your Friend,
Jester from Patriots Rising


What do Americans across the nation fear the most? We posted an article last week on this very subject. There are countless issues in the world that could and should prompt fear. We have radical religious fanatics. We have open borders. We have unrest in the middle east. We have Turkey shooting down Russian planes. We have a national debt that’s beyond belief. So, what do Americans fear the most?

The greatest fear is our very own government. How have we gotten to this point? We have gotten to this point by corrupt, self-serving politicians that care more about their own agenda than they care about the people they represent.

The fact that government for the last two years is our greatest fear should be a warning sign to our elected officials, but its not. They continue to live in their isolated bubbles as you and I scream at the top of our lungs, enough already.


In the United States we have Constitution that was written by the people, for the people. It is the law of the land. Our government has three branches that police the actions of the other two. This is one of many safeguards put in place by the people, for the people.

What happens when this system of checks and balances breaks down? You have lawlessness. Laws are placed on the populace to keep honest people honest, and to punish those who can not and will not follow the law. No law in existence will stop a criminal. If you break the law you will be punished. So what happens when our elected officials break the law? The system that punishes them is the very system they control. Is this not a conflict of interest? The people have the right to punish any elected official that breaks their oath of office. After all, don’t they work for us?

Happy New Year



As 2015 comes to an end we would like to thank you, our followers, for supporting us.  We would like to thank each and every one of you for an awesome year;  Patriots Rising would not be possible without your support and it is as much your page as it is ours

Politics in 2015 sucked.  We had hoped that the politicians we elected in November of 2014 would have some backbone.  It’s extremely frustrating when our elected officials fail us “the people”.  Broken promises and corruption has become the norm.  We will change that; we the people will hold each and everyone of you accountable!

Our Second Amendment Rights came under attack in 2015.  We won some and we lost some.  We will continue to support and defend our Constitutional Rights against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  That is our promise!

Terrorist threats increased as our elected officials declared war on we the people and not the terrorist.  We found it frustrating that our own government classified Constitution loving Americans as a bigger threat than ISIS.  Really… That simply shows us how out of touch our elected officials are.

As we transition into 2016 we would like to remind everyone that we can never stop the fight.  In fact, we need to step it up as liberals across our nation and around the world are focusing in on our Rights as human beings.  Hillary Clinton has admitted that her number one target is the NRA.  Who is the NRA?  It you, me and every other gun owner out there.  When she targets the NRA, she’s targeting you and me.  It’s that simple.  She also wants to hold gun manufacturers and dealers accountable for gun violence.  How is this even possible?  If that’s the case we need to hold the federal government accountable for every shooting and death where the shooter passed their background check.  Let’s see what they think about that.  If a shooter passes the background check and then shoots up a gun free zone, it’s on them, our government.  Politicians need to be held accountable for their actions;  they need to be held accountable when they violate their oath of office.  They are not in charge.  No, we are.

In 2015 gun-control lost many supporters.  That’s right, more Americans now support gun rights.  They have lost, yet the gun-grabbers still continue to push gun control.  This is simply another example of how unhinged and out of touch they have become.  They no longer represent the people.  In fact, they have never represented the people and 2015 was another example.  In 2014 we gave them Washington D.C., just like they asked and they have done nothing.  They have walked down the streets of D.C. with their tails tucked and sold us out once again!  They are spineless, cowards that failed.  What happens to most when they fail at their job?  They get fired.  So what makes politicians so special that they can fail everyday and still retain their jobs?

2016 should be our year to show our elected officials once again that we are going to take back our Nation, we need to continue what we started in 2014.  Stand strong and vote out the politicians that have failed to defend and support our Constitution!

Constitutional Sentinel


Our political system has failed. Our judicial system has failed. The safeguards our Founding Father’s put in place have failed.

We need a Constitutional Sentinel that’s independent from local, state and federal government. We need a group of Constitutional scholars, lawyers and researchers that will protect our Constitutional Rights BEFORE, not after they have been violated. We need a group that will review every states legislative session for any Constitutional violations before they become law.

Why do we have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars taking unconstitutional laws to court? It takes years to right a wrong in our current judicial system. We could save millions of dollars a year if we put in place a Constitutional Sentinel that would hold our elected officials accountable. We don’t need recalls. Hell no. If an elected official suggests any law that would violate the Rights of American citizens they will be removed from office.

Has our nation and society fallen so far that we must fight to remove unconstitutional laws? If they are unconstitutional how did they become law? We have serious issues that need to be resolved, our existing system has not and will not step up.


EDUCATION: Liberal Stronghold

“Education is a weapon, whose effect depends on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.”
-Joseph Stalin

educationThe left has taken Joseph Stalin’s quote to the next level. They hold our education system in the palms of their hands. Our education system is pumping out selfish, self-centered, whiny little brats that will someday run our companies and Nation. If this doesn’t give you pause then I am not sure what will.

Do you know what your children are being taught? The answer may surprise you. Do you know who writes their textbooks? The answer may surprise you.

Everyone would agree that our children need the best education possible to succeed in life. But knowing what they are being taught is where it is getting difficult to answer. You probably think they’re being taught what we learned in school which could be the case but chances are high they are not. You see, many of our schools have become liberal strongholds and as a result our children are being taught liberal beliefs. Now this isn’t a problem if you’re a liberal, but what if you’re a conservative, independent or libertarian? Now you have a problem.

What they are learning at home and what they are learning in our schools could be two completely different things. Many schools are handing surveys out to children on a wide variety of subjects. Do you want your children to unknowingly give our schools personal information about your life and beliefs? Probably not. Have you told your children to be wary of surveys or personal questions? Recently we read an article about a Texas school handing out surveys that asked questions about religion, guns and politics to 5th graders. What does a 5th grader know about these subjects? Nothing, but they do know what mommy and daddy discuss in the privacy of their home. So who do you think the school was collecting information on? It sure the hell wasn’t the 5th graders. Many parents will never hear of these intrusive surveys. Have your children participated in any surveys? Got you thinking didn’t we? It’s scary and intrusive beyond imagination.

Are you proud to be an American? Are your children? If so, why are so many college students protesting our Nation’s flag? Why are they embarrassed to be Americans? In some cases it could be the way they were raised, but in many other cases it’s what they have learned in school, not what they have learned at home. How many educators are liberals? How many textbooks have been published by left leaning publishers? Children are little knowledge sponges, they soak up everything they see and hear. What message are we sending our children when we ban patriotic clothing or symbols because it may offend someone? What about banning Merry Christmas and replacing it with Happy Holidays? Do you think they aren’t paying attention!

Our schools, colleges and universities are no longer American friendly. Portions of our history have been removed, altered and yes, some is complete fiction. It is scary what our children are being taught and even scarier what they aren’t being taught.

Let’s spend a little time on winners and losers. Did you realize it’s no longer acceptable to be number one? No, we are all winners. There are winners and losers in life and there should be in our schools. Take pride in being the best and if you’re not, try harder. Life is tough and the faster our children realize this, the better off they will be. Are all of your co-workers winners, I didn’t think so. What’s going to happen when our children grow up thinking everyone is a winner? Our society will crumble. You and me rely on winners, we hire winners, we look up to winners. When was the last time you wanted to work side by side with a loser? Never! Why? Because they do not perform and their lack of motivation will bring your performance down. Is the word “loser” too tough, or mean, or insensitive? Tough, it’s life. We need to teach our children that being a winner is good and not bad. The values our schools are teaching our children will hurt and not benefit them in the long run.

Let’s move on to political correctness in schools. What is this crap? Can’t kids be kids? We were, and we grew up just fine. In fact…. did we have mass shootings growing up? No, we did not. Because we grew up around values, winners, and right and wrong. Today everything is so politically correct that it would drive the sanest person insane. Kids can’t play cops and robbers, they can’t play cowboys and indians or soldiers. Nope, guns or anything resembling a gun will get you kicked out or suspended from school. Why? We grew up with them. Maybe, just maybe our parents raised us with values, with the knowledge of right and wrong. Do you see a pattern forming here? We are smashing their imaginations and creativity for what? Political Correctness.

Brainwashing is the act of replacing one thought with another. How many hours a day do you spend with your children? Now, how many hours do our educators spend with your children? Do you know what values and ideas are being taught? Are they in alignment with yours? Whose values and ideas will stick with our children? Possibly not yours. Christianity has been banned in our schools. Has Islam? Is the Constitution of the United State being taught? If so, is it being taught correctly or have they thrown a liberal twist into it? Why are our schools banning American culture just because it may offend some minority? Do we not live in America? Didn’t these minority’s come to America for a better life? If so, why wouldn’t they be honored to celebrate our traditions? That answer will really scare you.

I hate talking doom and gloom but we have an issue on our hands. Our education system is so far left that we may never recover. If we continue educating our children with these values and ideas our Constitution will be gone in a generation. Think about it. Is this what we want? This has been a long and very well executed plan and it’s right on track.

Free_Education_for_Everyone_bannerThink this is complete BS? Explain how a self proclaimed socialist running for President of the United States has our college students under a spell? Who would have thought a socialist running for President in the United States has captured the hearts and minds of our children? I’ll be more than happy to tell you. It’s our education system at its finest. We have successfully turned out a generation of spoiled, rotten, self absorbed brats that think the world owes them a free pass. Now, tell me where we went wrong?

This isn’t something new, no, it’s been under way for years and no one has questioned it. Business as usual as they like to say.

So, I must ask again. Do you know what our schools are teaching? Do you know what values and ideas your children’s teachers hold true? The answer may surprise you.


Concealed Carry Plea to Governor Hogan

MARYLAND: Concealed Carry Plea to the Governor

664px-Flag-map_of_MarylandGovernor Hogan, the people of Maryland need your help. They need to be able to defend themselves, family and property from radical religious fanatics. As you know Maryland is a “May Issue” state and residents need to have a “good and substantial” reason to apply for a wear and carry permit. We urge you to consider this new threat a “good and substantial” reason to allow Maryland residents the Right to protect themselves.

All residents that wish to purchase a handgun in the state of Maryland need an Handgun Qualification License (HQL), which requires state mandated training. More training than most states required to conceal carry. We urge you to consider the HQL as an interim wear and carry permit until they can apply and be approved for a Maryland State Wear and Carry Permit.

By approving the HQL as a temporary wear and carry permit you will be helping thousands of Marylanders protect themselves and others if a terrorist(s) carry out an attack in Maryland. We would also like to suggest that the state of Maryland recognize concealed carry permits/licenses from other states.

Thank you and God be with you, your family and the great people of Maryland.

-Patriots Rising

True Agenda Revealed

Democrats are calling for gun control while Law Enforcement Officials across the Nation are urging citizens to arm themselves.

Why are the politicians calling for more gun control while our Nation is under attack from extreme religious fanatics?  Does this make sense?  So, who are you going to listen to, a self-serving and possibly corrupt politician or law enforcement officials?  I don’t know about you but I’m going with law enforcement on this one

Universal Background Checks

On November 27, 2015, 185,000 Americans went shopping for firearms and they found what they were looking for.

In fact we broke the single day record for background checks. Broke a RECORD. Way to go America! When Obama asked for us to talk about gun control during Thanksgiving I doubt he expect that one.

Gun grabbers want universal background checks because it will stop
gun violence. No it won’t. Anyone that buys a firearm from a firearms dealer must submit to a background check. Period. You simply can’t purchase a firearm without one. Now here’s where they start bitching and complaining. If you purchase a gun from a family member or friend you are not required to have a background check ran. This is what keeps them up a night. So let’s say universal background checks become law. You and your family member will go down to the local police station because you’re both law-abiding citizens. You will even pay the fee with possibly some bitching and complaining but hey, it’s the law. Has any of this prevented gun violence? Nope, not one bit. Why? It hasn’t prevented anything because you are a law-abiding citizen and have no intentions of criminal intent with your firearm.

Now we’re getting to the insane part. We have already established that law-abiding citizens follow the law and will have a background check ran. We have also established that anyone getting a background check already knows that murder is a felony, which means they have no plans of randomly shooting anyone. But wait, we have criminals. You know the people that do not follow the law and are known as criminals. Yep, those people do not follow the law. When has a thug ever said, we need to go down to the local police station before I buy this gun from your trunk? I’m thinking never. I could be wrong but I’ll bet money that’s never, ever happened.

Here’s a summary so far. Good people follow laws and will go through background checks. Bad people do not follow the laws and will not go through background checks.

Moving on! In order for Universal background checks to work we would require a national gun registry. The law cannot and will not work without one. What are the chances that we’ll start a gun registry anytime soon? Very low. Why you ask? Gun registries are the first thing any Nation needs to confiscate guns. First you start a gun registry and then secondly you confiscate all guns that have been registered. It won’t happen in America. Oh, they may start one but no one will willingly register their guns. They tried in New York or Massachusetts, it didn’t work.

Universal Background checks will only work if authorities have a way to track down who sold the gun illegally. Right now there are over 340 million guns in America. That’s an estimate, we believe it’s a conservative estimate. Let’s say you’re a criminal and you have fifty guns that you want to sell. No one knows you have them so you can sell them to anyone you want. If one of those guns is tied back to a crime in the future they have no way of knowing you sold it. In order to resolve that little problem we would need all guns to be registered. Once all guns are registered you are directly tied to those fifty guns and if you sell it illegally it can be traced back to you. The entire system relies on a registry, it simply cannot and will not work without one.

We must ask the question again. Why do gun grabbers want universal background checks if it’s doomed to fail? Baby steps, small infringements here and there until they get what they want. They are willing to spend billions on a system that will do nothing. They know it will do nothing, but hey, it’s only tax payers money.

Universal Background Checks will do nothing. Prevent nothing. Cost everything.