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Liberals, and I used that term loosely

Liberals, and I used that term loosely fall into two groups. The first being the Liberals that need as much control as possible. They crave this power like an addict. They truly believe they have risen to power because they are superior. Remind you of another group? The second are free loaders that believe the world owes them. They do nothing and complain about the people they suck the life from. They want to be lazy and and allow the leading class to provide for them. They have no concern for the future, simply living one day at a time. The leading class of Liberals consume this like a drug. These two groups have lost what it means to be Americans. It’s a scary and most dangerous to our freedoms and liberties.

As our freedoms and liberties are stolen from us the lazy Liberals grow and the ruling group becomes even more powerful. We are truly at a tipping point. We have never been so close to losing our freedoms then we are now. I truly believe we are at a cross roads in American history. If we continue down this road our nation will be divided. The true believers of freedom and liberty will become the minority. We will then need to regroup and possibly relocate to maintain the freedoms our founding fathers built this great nation on. It scares me to death! I truly hope we can pull our nation out from this dark pit before its too late.

We’ve all seen the stories

We’ve all seen the stories of proud American’s being asked to remove the American flag because it may offend someone. I’m sorry but don’t we live in America? If you’re offended by our flag why the hell do you live here? Do you remember the days following 9/11? Every red blooded American was flying a flag! They were everywhere. America was proud and defiant. In the past 6 years we have seen CHANGE! The world no longer respects or fears the United States. Respect is truly important but fear of retaliation is keeps us strong and a dominate power. We have lost both.

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