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Let’s talk about Trump protesters for a moment, the one’s from California this past weekend, specifically those protesters that believe a secured border is a bad, racist idea. 

Trump supports and promotes secured borders and this in turn makes him a racist.  What??  Oh, it gets better, not only are they protesting a secure border some are doing it while waving the Mexican flag and some are protesting by burning the American Flag……..yes, you read that correctly, WTF?  How does this even make sense?  The articles that we have been reading on this subject, do not state whether or not the protesters are citizens, green card holders or illegal Aliens, but our guess is there is probably a mix of all three.  This begs us to ask these questions: Why are they waving the flag of a country they ran from?  Why are they burning the flag of a nation they fled to?  WOW!!  If you’re waving the Mexican flag and burning ours why don’t you pack your sh*t and head back over that border you crossed illegally.  If you are an American citizen burning our flag, well that’s a whole other story so we won’t even go there.

How is this Trump’s fault?  Every country out there has secure borders, yet his proposal is racist.  Absolutely none of this adds up.  If you’re an immigrant and came to the United States legally wouldn’t you want secure borders?  You worked hard for your citizenship and others think they can just walk over the border to become a citizen.  Please tell us one other country that will allow you to just walk in and instantly become a citizen………

Yeah, this all makes sense.  Let’s violently protest while waving the flag of a country we ran from and burning the flag of the country we ran to………..  Can we protest stupidity?

My god, my head hurts.