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True Agenda Revealed

Democrats are calling for gun control while Law Enforcement Officials across the Nation are urging citizens to arm themselves.

Why are the politicians calling for more gun control while our Nation is under attack from extreme religious fanatics?  Does this make sense?  So, who are you going to listen to, a self-serving and possibly corrupt politician or law enforcement officials?  I don’t know about you but I’m going with law enforcement on this one


This post is to every 2016 Presidential Candidate and the mainstream media.

corrupt-politiciansAre you blind or just stupid??? America is sick and tired of the lies, corruption and deceit that has become our government.  Elected officials say and do anything to get elected and then they climb upon their throne and look down on the people that put them there.  In November we had our mid-term elections and I would say without doubt the American people spoke loud and clear.  Did you listen?  No!!!  They voted for candidates that swore they would change Washington DC.  Do you want to know something?  They haven’t done shit.  They lied their way into office and now they are sitting on their thrones laughing at the American people.  We’re sick of it.

Do you want to know why Donald Trump is taking this Presidential Campaign by storm?  You should and you should listen very, very carefully.  Donald Trump is saying exactly what the American people are thinking.  He is hitting a nerve and frankly you can’t stand it.  Everyone insists his campaign is a joke but why does he fill convention centers and tops every poll?  Think about what he is saying and forget about your political careers because they are over unless you listen.  Listen to the people.  We have spoken and the candidate that has heard our voices will be the next president.  At this time it is too early to side with one candidate so you still have a chance.  I will warn you that we are tired of the lip service and we will know when your feeding us a line of shit.  Sit back and re-evaluate what’s important to you and what’s important to this country.  We the people do not want a politician in the White House.

Americans have awakened from their sleep and we are pissed!  We want our freedoms and liberties back and we want every single career politician fired!