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Criminally Liable

Our elected officials have broken their oath, they are liable when people die due to gun control.

They swore to support and defend the Constitution of the United States; there is no partial, what if or maybe.  They swore to defend the Constitution and what we call the law of the land.  No question whatsoever about that.  This includes the Second Amendment.

2A_ConstitutionThe Second Amendment is our recognized Right to bear arms as documented in the Bill of Rights by our Founding Fathers.  This includes but not limited to defending ourselves against criminals, the mentally unstable and yes, even a tyrannical government.  So what part of this is unclear to our elected representatives?

The Second Amendment is our Right to protect ourselves, family and property.  Should everyone carry a firearm?  It would be a good idea but this is a free country and if someone doesn’t want to carry that’s their Right.  We do not advocate that everyone should carry.  Absolutely not.  We do advocate that it’s everyone’s right.

imageAny local, state or the federal government that infringes on this Right is in direct violation to our Constitution.  If someone, anyone, wishes to carry a firearm for protection is denied this Right for any reason we should hold that government entity responsible.  This means that if someone has requested the Right to carry and has been denied, and is later harmed or killed, the government entity that denied that Right should be held accountable.  The Right of the people to carry arms is not confusing, it’s been the law for over 200 years.  No government entity has the right to deny the Right to self protection.

The left wants to hold firearm manufacturers accountable.  Why?  That’s like holding the victim accountable.  The person that committed the crime is accountable and the government entity that denied the Right to self protection is accountable.

Additionally, any elected official that purposes any infringements on our Constitutional Rights should be removed from office.  Anyone refusing to remove them from office has also committed a crime and therefore is unfit to serve the people.