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Happy New Year



As 2015 comes to an end we would like to thank you, our followers, for supporting us.  We would like to thank each and every one of you for an awesome year;  Patriots Rising would not be possible without your support and it is as much your page as it is ours

Politics in 2015 sucked.  We had hoped that the politicians we elected in November of 2014 would have some backbone.  It’s extremely frustrating when our elected officials fail us “the people”.  Broken promises and corruption has become the norm.  We will change that; we the people will hold each and everyone of you accountable!

Our Second Amendment Rights came under attack in 2015.  We won some and we lost some.  We will continue to support and defend our Constitutional Rights against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  That is our promise!

Terrorist threats increased as our elected officials declared war on we the people and not the terrorist.  We found it frustrating that our own government classified Constitution loving Americans as a bigger threat than ISIS.  Really… That simply shows us how out of touch our elected officials are.

As we transition into 2016 we would like to remind everyone that we can never stop the fight.  In fact, we need to step it up as liberals across our nation and around the world are focusing in on our Rights as human beings.  Hillary Clinton has admitted that her number one target is the NRA.  Who is the NRA?  It you, me and every other gun owner out there.  When she targets the NRA, she’s targeting you and me.  It’s that simple.  She also wants to hold gun manufacturers and dealers accountable for gun violence.  How is this even possible?  If that’s the case we need to hold the federal government accountable for every shooting and death where the shooter passed their background check.  Let’s see what they think about that.  If a shooter passes the background check and then shoots up a gun free zone, it’s on them, our government.  Politicians need to be held accountable for their actions;  they need to be held accountable when they violate their oath of office.  They are not in charge.  No, we are.

In 2015 gun-control lost many supporters.  That’s right, more Americans now support gun rights.  They have lost, yet the gun-grabbers still continue to push gun control.  This is simply another example of how unhinged and out of touch they have become.  They no longer represent the people.  In fact, they have never represented the people and 2015 was another example.  In 2014 we gave them Washington D.C., just like they asked and they have done nothing.  They have walked down the streets of D.C. with their tails tucked and sold us out once again!  They are spineless, cowards that failed.  What happens to most when they fail at their job?  They get fired.  So what makes politicians so special that they can fail everyday and still retain their jobs?

2016 should be our year to show our elected officials once again that we are going to take back our Nation, we need to continue what we started in 2014.  Stand strong and vote out the politicians that have failed to defend and support our Constitution!