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The Establishment Has Failed Us!


We truly believe our nation is in the crapper; our politicians have failed the people.  Period.

Our elected officials are our representatives in D.C., but the only thing they represent is themselves.  So one must wonder why they hate Trump so much.  Seriously, they just enlisted the aid of a FAILED Presidential candidate to go after Trump.

Please explain to me how the establishment can attack a candidate that the people apparently want as their President?  Isn’t the President elected by the people, for the people?  Why does the establishment even have a say in the matter?  What’s up the “delegate”?  One would assume whichever candidate wins the state should pick up all of the delegates.  Are we right or have we missed something?

Yesterday morning Mike Huckabee stated that the Trump phenomenon is a peaceful “overthrow of the government and that the Republican establishment should be glad it’s being achieved with “ballots not bullets”.  You know, he 100% correct.  Again, I must ask why is the establishment fighting the obvious?  The people want Trump.  We’re not advocating for Trump but rather our system.  The system in place gives the people the power to select who represents them and it seems the people want Trump.  The establishment needs to sit back and shut up.  Stop treating the American people as mindless minions.

The side effects of a Trump win would also purge our nation of some very vocal liberals.  That is, if they would keep their word and move out of the United States if Trump won.

Right now Americans are extremely fed up with both parties.  They have failed and they have yet to realize that we’ve already fired them.