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Primaries: Moving Forward

Last night was a shocker.  We didn’t expect Cruz to call it quits but honestly, it was the right call.  Trump has dominated the primaries and he will continue to dominate.  Cruz really had no chance after Trump took all 5 primaries a week ago.

At this very moment the GOP leadership is shitting themselves.  They are in panic mode and there’s absolutely nothing they can do.  Well, there is but it would be political suicide; if the GOP does anything to steal the nomination away from Trump they would be finished.  There would be no saving them.  There is absolutely no way Trump will not get the magic number of 1237.  None.  It’s a sure bet that with Cruz out all remaining delegates will go to Trump.  So the only way the GOP can stop this, is if they change that magic number.  It would be suicidal and I don’t think, or would hope to think that they are not that stupid.  But hey, we are talking about politicians.

Do you realize this whole Trump candidacy is all their FAULT?  It is.  We sent a very loud message in 2014 and they failed to hear it.  They ignored us.  They blew us off like we didn’t count and this was after we elected them.  The rise of Trump is squarely on the shoulders of the GOP leadership.  If the Republicans would have listened and done what the people wanted, I doubt Trump would have entered the race.  Why would he?  What is the Presidency going to give Trump that he doesn’t already have?

Some say that Trump is a democratic decoy.  Really!  Why would someone enter a field of 16 candidates if he was a decoy?  Why not enter the smaller democratic race?  Oh, he was plant to win Hillary the White House.  Really!  Wasn’t Hillary a shoo in for the White House back when Trump entered?  Everyone knew Hillary was the sure bet.  So why would they need a decoy?  I’m sorry but it’s not as complicated as many would think.  Is it so hard to believe that the man simply wants to rebuild our nation?  There’s a point in everyone’s life when they have simply had enough.  Trust me, I’ve been there for a while, so has Doc and so has millions of other Americans.  We’ve had enough and we want our nation back.

Is Trump controversial?  Absolutely.  Is he the right person to bring change to our stagnant and corrupt political system?  Absolutely.  Is he better than Hillary?  Absolutely.  I will vote for ANYONE and I mean ANYONE running against Hillary.  Who’s telling you Trump is a racist?  Who’s telling you Trump is a bigot?  Who’s telling you Trump is sexist?  Mainstream media, that’s who.  Haven’t we already determined you can’t trust a word that comes out of their mouths?  How successful is Trump’s company?  Do you honestly think anyone with those attributes would have such a successful company?  I know, I know.  He wants to build a wall, a wall to keep out illegal aliens.  He doesn’t want to keep out or deport citizens or those looking to become legal citizens.  What about the refugees.  OMG…. are you serious.  Why would we want refugees that we can’t verify who they are?  That’s like opening up the ISIS flood gates.  Then we need to look at why our nation is currently treating refugees better than our own citizens, or our VETS!  Screw the refugees.  Just look what they’re doing to Europe.  Oh, that’s right you don’t see what their doing to Europe because the media doesn’t report on that.  Trump says that Hillary wouldn’t have a 5% chance if she wasn’t a woman.  And….  She wouldn’t.  She plays that woman card every single day.  I for one want a wall.  I for one want to stop the refugees.  I for one think Hillary is playing the woman card.  I also think Hillary could give a rats ass about women’s rights.  Hell, she’s done more damage to women than any other political figure.  People say that once Trump become the nominee the media will expose all his deepest, darkest secrets.  Don’t you think they have already tried?  They’ve done everything they can to derail his candidacy.  The media needs to worry about Hillary’s deepest, darkest secrets.

Are we waving the Trump flag?  No.  We are waving the Republican front runners flag.  We’re waving the flag the American people have selected as the Republican nomination.  We’re waving the flag of political corruption.

I’ll tell you a little secret.  Last spring I said to myself that I would support whoever the media hated the most.  What candidate the media went after would be the person I supported.  Why?  Simple.  Mainstream media has a liberal, socialist agenda and their fear is a Republican President that will not bow to their demands.  Can we get over the mudslinging that has taken place over the last 13 months?  Yes, we do it every time there’s an election.  Can we all get behind one candidate to beat Hillary?  Yes, we can and we have to.  There is no other option.

Trump now needs to focus on Hillary.  He needs to focus on a running mate and then his cabinet.  He needs to show the American people who he will surround himself with.  Who will be his advisors.  This is a crucial step and one that needs to be announced sooner, rather than later.  What is a Presidency?  The Presidency is more than one person, it’s a group of people coming together for a single purpose.  That single purpose needs to be focused on rebuilding our nation.

Will there be people that stay home and not vote?  Will there be Democrats that vote for Trump? Will there be independents that vote for Trump?  Will there be conservatives that vote for Trump?  Yes, we believe voter turnout will set records.  Can we survive four years with Hillary as President?  Can we survive four more years of liberal policies and the attacks on our freedoms and liberties? No.  Staying home and not voting in November will be a vote for Hillary.

If you care about our economy, you can’t sit this one out.  If you care about our freedoms and liberties, you can’t sit this one out.  If you care about America and our way of life you can’t sit this one out.  Our nation is in rough shape and it’s needs us more than ever before.  Could we be wrong about Trump.  Yes, but do we have any other choice?

Brass Balls Campaign

Our Republican representatives in D.C. are spineless, ignorant, cowards that stand for nothing.  Absolutely nothing. 

When was the last time they stood for anything?  When was the last time they said “hell no” and stuck to it?  When was the last time they stopped Obama and his administration?  We can’t remember!  You people are our representatives and you have failed miserably.  You keep telling us you can’t do that or this because it would shut down the government.  Listen up… the government needs to be shutdown.  Take a stand for something and stop rolling over and pissing on yourself.  It’s embarrassing.

It’s scary that your Democratic counterparts stand up for what they believe.  When was the last time they backed down?  Never.  The situation is even worse.  The Republicans control the House and Senate and they still fail.  What a bunch of worthless losers.  Do they have anything their willing to fight for?

Do you remember what John Boehner and Mitch McConnell said before the 2014 Mid-term elections?  They said they needed control of the House and Senate.  Guess what?  The people gave it to them.  Guess what?  They haven’t done sh*t with it.  In fact, Boehner resigned after we gave him exactly what he wanted.  What the hell is up with that?  The majority of our Republican politicians are worthless; they’re worse than Democrats.  Why?  They’re worse because Democrats don’t back down for anything.  They have their misguided opinions and policies that’s destroying our nation but they don’t back down.  I give them credit for that.  Republicans need to grow a pair.  Stop rolling over and playing dead!  Stop giving up before the battle has started.  It’s disgusting and we’re tired of it.

Do you want to know why Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Ted Cruz are kicking butt?  It’s simple.  They stand and fight for what they believe.  Ted Cruz is the only political candidate running for President that has a pair of brass balls.  America needs someone willing to fight for something.  Donald Trump is another, but he’s not a politician, which explains his poll numbers.  We have nothing against Ben Carson, but we think he’s too nice to handle the mess we’re in.  We need someone that will take names and clean house.  We need someone that will walk down the streets of Washington D.C. swinging a big pair of brass balls!

Let’s call it the “Brass Balls Campaign”.  Liberal heads will EXPLODE.