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The Awakening: What Is Government

What is government?  

America is divided and it’s all due to our political elite.  Yes, they have created a monster they cannot tame nor cage.  It’s a monster of biblical proportions and it’s feeding on American values and our way of life.  The monster we’re talking about is big government.  Our government was never intended to lead the American people.  It was intended to protect and safeguard against foreign and domestic enemies but today we have a government that’s feeding off the people.  How many departments and agencies does the government run?  The government has two jobs and those two jobs are safeguarding our Nation and our Constitution.  The government has failed at both.  So how does a failed government continue to grow into this beast we have now?  It grows because political elites have tasted power and they will do anything to maintain it.

The Constitution of the United States limits the power of government, not the people.  It’s the people that govern the government but they have forgotten this.

ProtestEvery single political pundit out there wonders how a real estate mogul has taken control of their political circus.  It is disturbing that they wonder and this shows exactly how ignorant they are.  The reason is crystal clear but yet they seem baffled.  Their world has turned upside down and they have no clue how to fix it.  In our opinion, it’s beyond fixing.  We have given the political elite several opportunities to resolve this mess but they have ignored us.  They have forgotten we have the power and not them.  If only they would have listened in 2014 when we yelled our discontent at the top of our lungs.  If they would have listened, many of them would not be finding themselves backed into a corner now.

Rumors are spreading that the establishment will take necessary steps to ensure an establishment puppet is nominated.  We hope these are only rumors.  We can’t imagine the level of stupidity if this comes to pass.  If and we must stress “if” the establishment hijacks the 2016 Presidential race the people will rise up.  This is not a threat.  It’s a promise.  They have no idea what a shit storm this act will cause.  Our fear is that they truly believe they control our political system and if they do control it, what are our chances of being thrown into another civil war?  We believe the people and the states will have no part in this and will rise up against oppression and tyranny.

As we move closer and closer to November we must step back and evaluate what could be.  The Democrats have the worst candidates.  Period.  The Republicans had a list longer than my arm and most have dropped out.  Do we have the best candidates?  No.  We’ll never see the perfect candidate.  With that said, we have who we have and we must vote for whoever runs against Hillary or Bernie; and after last night’s primaries we have no doubt it will be Hillary.

Some people swear they will never vote for Trump, others say they won’t vote at all.  Really!  Seriously people, is Trump really worse than Hillary?  Will you really jeopardize your nation because you dislike a candidate?  We will never have the perfect candidate and if we do it will be an illusion.

Before we end this rant we would like you to research european nations.  Why?  You need to research them because the policies they have are the same policies Hillary and Bernie want to implement here in the United States.  European nations are failing at a staggering rate.  Poverty, crime and chaos has taken over the daily lives of europeans and their governments are completely oblivious.  Since the dawn of time we have wished we could see the future.  Surprisingly, we have that capability.  It’s called Europe!  What’s happening there will happen here if Liberals retain control of the White House.

2016 will decide our fate.  Will we survive and rebuild what’s been lost or will we crumble like so many nations before us?  The fate of our nation is truly in your hands.  What will you do?