What are you afraid of?

Gun-Control02I recently read an article about New Hampshire’s push to abolish their concealed carry license and of course I read some of the comments.  The comments at the end of the article didn’t surprise me at all, some thought the idea was good and others thought it wasn’t.  Although none of the questions surprised me, I did notice a question that I’ve seen thousands of times.  The comment was posted by a gun control supporter that questioned why anyone would need to carry in an urban environment and they ended with “what are you afraid of”?  I’m sure you have all seen the same question posted on thousands of sites.  I’m not sure what made me focus on this one instance but I did.  I found it odd that a person could ask the question.  So I ask you the following in an attempt to understand why thousands of people feel that carrying in an urban environment is not needed.

How many mass shootings have happened in the backcountry?  How many have taken place floating down a river or creek on an inner tube?  When was the last time you read an article about ranch hands being gunned down in their barn?  Yes I carry in the back country and yes I carry in urban environments.  I carry in the backcountry to protect myself and my family against wild animals.  I carry in urban areas to protect myself and my family from human animals.  I can reassure you that being attacked in an urban area is greater than in the back woods.

Am I missing something?  I know I may have simplified it, but I really fail to see how any logical individual could ask such a question.

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