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Click Bait: Post Valuable Content!!!

Click Bait!  Is your time valuable?

Seriously, do you enjoy wasting your time reading BS articles that have pulled you in with a vague and eye catching title?  I know, it drives us bat sh*t crazy as well.  Why?  Do they actually think they are winning over new viewers?  The sad part of this is, everyone does it.  Our values, freedoms and liberties are under attack each and everyday by the mainstream media, so one would think that the conservative side would use every minute of every day feeding their viewers the information they need to combat this threat.  Nope, even our most respected conservative leaders (not mentioning any names) and resources out there use click bait on a regular basis.1020-201501201342-000_CertifiedBullShit

So what does this tell us?  It tells us that page visits are more important than our fight for conservatism and freedom.  If you use these tactics you should be ashamed.  You know who you are.  Stop it.

We always give mainstream media crap because they are incapable of telling the truth.  It’s a fact, so we very rarely watch, read or listen to their endless lies.  So, how do conservatives get their news?  We pride ourselves on seeking out and finding the truth, no matter where it may be.  The internet and social media has given everyone a voice, you no longer have to be a billionaire media tycoon to have a voice.  Nope, just a internet connection and a tablet.  People like you and I are sharing and talking about news from around the world.  It truly is empowering.  It also pisses off libtards and the media, so keep it up.  Mainstream media has alway been a liberal mouthpiece and it’s been difficult at best for conservatives.  That’s no longer the case.  We have the power.  So why is it so hard for our conservative counterparts to post what we want to see?  Don’t try to fool us.  Don’t try to pull us into a BS article.  If you do it will PISS us off, so stop.

We would hope these news resources that pride themselves on the truth would also pride themselves on their integrity.  Truth and integrity, they go together like guns and ammo; husband and wife; government and waste.

Can someone explain why our sources of news bait us with BS titles, writeups and gimmicks?  I’m sorry but my time is valuable and I’m pretty sure yours is to.  Why do we accept this BS!  It’s HUGE!  Didn’t see this one… Oh, the horror.  Can you believe what they said… See who got bashed by…This changes everything……

If page hits are more important than the news and your readers time, you are as worthless as mainstream media.  Stop playing these games and start providing a valuable resource.

Now, let’s talk about the website with so many advertisements that the page doesn’t display or worse yet crashes.  If you claim to be a news resource, cut back on the advertisements and start posting content people want to read.  How many times have you clicked on a link filled with so many advertisements that you can’t find the actual article?

Moving on to content; stop wasting our time with BS posts and articles.  Do you actually think we’re as stupid as liberals?  There are so many pages and sites we’ve stopped referencing because our time is valuable.  Our readers time is valuable.  If you want visits, post something worth visiting.  If you have nothing to post, then don’t post.  Is it really that hard?

You need to step away from the keyboard if you can’t handle the power and the voice the internet has given us.  You need to step away from the keyboard if you value page visits more than quality content for your viewers.

If you would like some pointers please contact your viewers.  If you don’t, you may not have any in the near future.  Stop being part of the problem.

Your friends at Patriots Rising!

2016 NRA Annual Meeting

Patriotism!  It’s more than a word, it’s the way you live your life.  

It’s a feeling you get when you hear the National Anthem.  It’s the goosebumps you get when you see our flag being raised.  It’s the tears that form in your eyes when you see our fallen heroes come home.  It’s that lump in the throat when you watch the ending of “American Sniper”.  That’s patriotism and if you’ve never experienced it you will never know what it means to be a patriot.

1051-201605260849-000_2016-NRA-Annual-Meeting_Dont-Tread-On-MeMy patriotism was given a whole new energy over the past weekend, didn’t think that it could get much stronger but wow, did it ever.  As you know Doc and I attended the NRA’s 145th Annual Meeting.  We had no idea what to expect last Thursday as we loaded the car and headed to Louisville, Kentucky.  Yes, we knew we would hear speeches from politicians and gun rights supporters; we knew we would see cool guns and gear; we knew we would meet extraordinary people from around our nation.  That was all a given.  What wasn’t a given was the sense of pride, the sense of patriotism that overwhelmed us.  It flowed all around us as we walked the crowded exhibition hall, participated in some of the seminars and listened to the speeches in Freedom Hall.  It was refreshing and it renewed our belief that there really are a lot of us out there; people just like you and I that place a value on our freedoms and liberties.  People that place honor and commitment above all else.  People that simply want a government to leave them alone.  That’s all we want, we don’t want handouts and we don’t want government intrusion.  We simply want to live our lives in peace.  That’s what we brought home us.  We brought back the American spirit that has formed this great nation.  We brought back the knowledge that we are strong and well suited to take this fight to the end.

There were great speakers but the one that got our blood flowing was Ted Nugent.  He is, without question one of the most patriotic individuals we have had the pleasure of meeting.  His speech, followed by a Q&A with the audience was inspiring and reassured us why we started Patriots Rising.  Everyone one of us can make a difference, you don’t have to be a celebrity or politician.  No, you and I can make a difference and we are.

1051-201605260849-000_2016-NRA-Annual-Meeting_TedNugentEveryone should attend at least one of these meetings in their lifetime.  It’s well worth it and the experience will leave you inspired to carry on the fight for ALL of our freedoms and liberties.  We hope to see you next year in Atlanta, Georgia for the 146th NRA Annual Meeting.

God bless America and every single patriot out there!


Can We Afford Not To

Have you ever wondered who’s running our local, state and federal government?

1050-201605121228-000_CapitolBuildingWhen did American values lose their value?  So what happened to bring our nation to the brink of disaster?  Did you ever think that our history would be banned and confiscated in the United States?  Did you ever think we’d have a national debate on what bathroom to use?  Seriously people, this is utterly ridiculous.  As we look forward to the general election in November we must not lose sight of our goals.  Goals… it’s more than that.  It’s the fate of our nation we’re talking about.  Can we really afford to be divided?  Can’t we look past our differences for one moment so we can see the bigger picture?

Today our government is being ran by the very same spoiled college brats that protested American values in the 60’s and 70’s.  Yes, we have elected people to serve our nation that hated our nation in the past.  We have also allowed these people to take positions in our education system.  They are now teaching our kids the same values we believe to be un-American.  Now, let’s take this one step further for an even scarier thought.  Do you see all the spoiled brats behind Bernie Sander’s?  Yes, the kids that think everything is free and that the government should provide all.  They will be running our nation in 20-30 years.  We think it’s bad now, can you even imagine what it will be like when they are running the show?

We have been silent for far too long.  We have sat back thinking it would resolve itself and it hasn’t; it’s just gotten worse.  The time to unite has come to pass and we cannot afford to lose this November.  There is still a chance, but we must put aside our differences and vote to keep Hillary or Bernie out of the White House.  There is absolutely no way we can survive if one of them win.  The #NeverTrump movement must end.  We must unite around #NeverHillary.

Let’s take a look at Donald Trump for a moment.  Is he the perfect candidate?  No, but isn’t that what we wanted.  We don’t need or want another politician in the White House.  Is he a racist or bigot?  How long has he been in the public’s eye?  Don’t you think we would have heard these claims before now if he truly were?  I find it very hard to believe that we’re just hearing about this now, don’t you?

Let’s take a look at Hillary Clinton for a moment.  She’s also been in the public’s eye for years and what do we know about her.  We know she landed under sniper fire…. Oops, apparently that never happened.  We know she defended a rapist and later laughed that she knew he was guilty.  We know she attacked women for speaking out about Bill.  We know she abandons Americans.  We know she believes she’s above the law.  We know she’s incapable of telling the truth.  We know a lot and yet people are blindly following her.  Can we afford to have her as President?

1020-201605111435-000_IVotedSo for everyone out there that call themselves conservatives and vows never to vote for Trump.  What options do we have?  A third party?  How would that work when the American people have spoken loud and clear?  Do you want to be like the establishment and go against the people?  If so, how can you call yourself a conservative?  You know if you do not vote, Hillary will win?  How is that not helping the liberal cause?  There will NEVER be the perfect candidate.  NEVER!  We say there can never be Hillary.  Once we win the White House our fight will not be over.  We need to re-educate our children and we need to ensure we continue to elect the right people into office.  If we stop paying attention after November then we will be back in the same boat that we find ourselves in now.  It might not be in 4 years or even 8, but it will happen again and if we aren’t involved and paying attention, we could eventually lose it all.


There’s so much more to firearm ownership than purchasing a gun and storing it in your closet.

Once you have chosen to purchase a firearm you have decided to make it part of your life and a part of the lives of those around you.  Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds.  Make firearm ownership a hobby and a way of life.

1046-201508141436-000_SigSauer-1911TTTFirearms have been a part of American history since the beginning.  In fact, if it weren’t for firearms we’d still be British subjects.  So, why is there such a debate raging over our Right to keep and bear arms?  It’s simple.  Control.  How can you control an armed populace?  How can you dictate your will on others if they are armed?  You can’t.  Today we have people that would wish this Right away.  It defies logic but some would feel safer if only the government and police had weapons.  Crazy I know.  What do you think would happen to our Rights if we gave up the only Right that defended them?  They would slowly disappear and a tyrannical government would rise to impose their personal agenda on the citizens of the greatest nation that’s ever existed.

A firearm will save your life but only if you know how to use it.  Going to the sporting goods store or firearms dealer to pick out your firearm is not the only responsibility of a responsible firearm owner, that is just the beginning.  When you purchase a firearm, you are in fact joining the largest and most patriotic group of Americans existing today.  There is no tighter bond than with firearm owners, for us it is a way of life.

After you purchase your first firearm you will need to learn how to use it properly.  There are four basic gun safety tips that will keep you and everyone around you safe.

  1. The firearm is always loaded
    1. Always safety-check the firearm when you pick it up.  It doesn’t matter if you have laid it on a table for 30 seconds.  Always safety-check your firearm.  If someone hands you a firearm, safety-check it.  There are no exceptions to this rule.
  2. Never Point The Gun At Something You Are Not Prepared To Destroy
    1. If you’ve done your safety-check and are absolutely sure that your gun is unloaded, that does not give you the go-ahead to be careless with it. Remembering the first rule, The Gun Is ALWAYS Loaded!  Never point it toward anything that you are not prepared to destroy.
  3. Always Be Sure Of Your Target And What Is Behind It.
    1. Bullets can go through – and beyond – your intended target. Knowing what’s behind your target is an essential step to safety and responsibility.
  4. Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger Until Your Sights Are On The Target

We can say with 100% accuracy that training will save your life.  Whether you’re in an active shooter situation or cleaning and maintaining your firearms.  The more familiar you are with firearms the safer you will be. Remember never to become complacent around firearms.  Complacency is the number one cause of negligent discharge of a firearm.  Notice we didn’t say ‘accidental discharge’, because there is no such thing. It’s negligence.

Finding a qualified firearms instructor isn’t as easy as you would think.  Like with another profession you will find unscrupulous instructors.  You know, the one more interested in earning a buck instead of conducting quality training.  It’s imperative you research instructors before attending one of their classes.  Once you find an instructor, schedule to attend one of their classes and then make your final decision afterwards.  Many instructors will also offer one-on-one training if that’s what you’re looking for.  Please keep in mind that our world isn’t as safe as we would like, many instructors will be very cautious around students they do not know, and they have good reason to.  Instructors have been targeted and killed by students, while others have been accidently shot.  So please keep in mind that you do not know them and they do not know you.  Follow the four basics of firearm safety and everyone will be safe.

Consider training as continuing education.  You should seek out as much training on as many different techniques as you can afford.  Training isn’t cheap but how valuable is your life and the lives of your family and friends worth?  I know, it sounds like a sales pitch, but it’s not.  Doc and I have been around firearms our entire life and we still seek out additional training.  We’ve probably spent thousands over the years and will probably spend as much more in the coming years.  Unfortunately we are not the norm.  Most will never attend training while others only attend training because of local and state laws require them to.  We wish we could provide free training to all but we simply do not have the resources to offer that.

Practicing what you have learned in training is imperative.  Why would you spend the money to learn new skills if you never practice them?  Every single firearm owner out there should have a monthly range visit on their calendar.  It’s easier than you think and it’s one of the best ways to relax and unwind after a long week.  It’s more therapeutic than you can image.  So pull out your smartphone and add a monthly recurring event to visit the range.  You can thank us later.

How many stories do we read where a small child accidentally shoots another after finding a firearm?  It’s not common place, but it does happen more than anyone would like.  In today’s world a gun has become taboo.  It’s a mysterious object that captures a child’s imagination.  In the past a firearm was a tool; it was needed to eat and protect the homestead.  In today’s world it has been demonized.  Schools no longer teach marksmanship and instead they suspend a student for wearing a shirt with an image of a gun on it.  Maybe they made their pop-tart look like a gun or they we’re playing cops and robbers.  This is what we are battling.  Ignorance and political correctness gone wrong.  Who’s paying the price for this ignorance?  Our children.  So please, educate your children and when your firearm isn’t being used please store it in a safe and secure location.  Not only will it protect others, it will also give liberals less ammunition to attack our Rights.

Once you own your first firearm you will become part of the solution; the solution that will win back our nation from elite politicians that want to rule, rather than lead.  It is difficult for the political elite to dictate to an armed populace.  This is why the government is fighting so hard to infringe on your Rights to keep and bear arms.  It has nothing to do with safety and keeping firearms out of the wrong hands.  No.  It’s all about control.  List one gun-control law that would prevent a criminal, mentally unstable person or terrorist from obtaining a firearm.  There isn’t one, yet they continue to pass laws that only impact law-abiding citizens.

There’s a saying “when guns are outlawed, I’ll be an outlaw”.  It’s a catchy statement but it’s 100% fact.  Have you ever been to a gun range?  It’s an experience that can not be put into words.  It’s relaxing and mentally stimulating.  Sounds impossible that something relaxing is also mentally stimulating but it’s true and it can’t be explained to anyone that’s never shot a firearm.

As you can see, there’s a lot of responsibility to firearm ownership and now you understand why it’s a way of life.  Do not be the person that purchases a firearm and then stores it in a closet until it’s needed.  You purchased that firearm for a reason, now learn to use it and help defend that Right by joining or supporting local and national gun Rights organizations.

There’s one more thing you can do to promote our way of life; it’s simple, easy and fun.  The next time you go to a gun range take a friend that’s never shot before.  There are so many people that have never shot a firearm and once they do, they are hooked for life.  Make it a priority to promote our safe and affordable sport and it will last generations.  In  closing I would like to ask if you know of any other sport where a 12-year old, 35-year old and 60-year old can compete together and have fun.  Ok, maybe golf but is that really a sport?

Shoot for protection.  Shoot for fun.  Shoot for freedom.