A couple days ago Doc got pulled into an online conversation about transgenders and public restrooms. 

You would think this would have been a short conversation but no, it lasted way too long.  What was interesting and why we’re writing this is to point out how brainwashed the general public is.  Liberals have done a great job brainwashing the public and it is scary how easy it’s become for them to plant an idea into the heads of brainless drones.  Maybe brainwashed is the wrong term, how’s “programmed” work?

The conversation was started by someone that said genitals did not dictate sex.  Yes, someone actually wrote that.  So the conversation begins and quickly descends into complete and utter lunacy.  Doc was having a good ole time crushing them as it become apparent that no matter what she said, they would not accept it.  She even moved the conversation away for human and tossed in the animal factor.  What dictated the sex of our dogs?  Was it their feelings or was it what genitals they were born with.  OMG…..  that got the fires burning.

We admit we do not know what struggles transgenders face on a daily basis and honestly we do not care.  That may seem insensitive but we have enough to worry about.  We really do not need to worry about what makes us a man or woman and yes there are only TWO options.  There’s no middle ground when it comes to sex.  Man!  Woman!

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