Debating and Educating


Have you ever had a gun debate with a person that’s not for or against guns?

Today we all need to fight for our Second Amendment Rights.  We need to be educated and we need to spread that knowledge to those who do not have an opinion.

I had a conversation yesterday with my boss.  We started talking about politics which lead us into a conversation about guns.  She admitted she didn’t know much about guns or gun Rights but thought it was absurd that civilians could own and operate military weapons.  She also threw out that our Founding Fathers never intended on us to own these types of weapons.  I know, talking politics and guns at work is the fastest way to the unemployment line but I took this as an opportunity to educate her on our Rights as Americans.  We talked about guns and gun-control for 20-30 minutes and I think I cleared up some misconceptions about guns.  At the end of our conversations she mentioned she’d go to the next gun show to see what it was all about.  I also believe she now knows that the scary looking AR15 is no different than any other semi-automatic rifle out there.

Our Founding Fathers were concerned about a centralized government that was stronger than civilians.  The Second Amendment wasn’t written to protect our hunting rights.  It was written to protect us against tyranny.  They absolutely wanted the people of the United States to be as powerful, if not more than our government.  In our opinion we believe our Founding Fathers would disagree that our government bans certain types of weapons from private ownership.

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