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Click Bait: Post Valuable Content!!!

Click Bait!  Is your time valuable?

Seriously, do you enjoy wasting your time reading BS articles that have pulled you in with a vague and eye catching title?  I know, it drives us bat sh*t crazy as well.  Why?  Do they actually think they are winning over new viewers?  The sad part of this is, everyone does it.  Our values, freedoms and liberties are under attack each and everyday by the mainstream media, so one would think that the conservative side would use every minute of every day feeding their viewers the information they need to combat this threat.  Nope, even our most respected conservative leaders (not mentioning any names) and resources out there use click bait on a regular basis.1020-201501201342-000_CertifiedBullShit

So what does this tell us?  It tells us that page visits are more important than our fight for conservatism and freedom.  If you use these tactics you should be ashamed.  You know who you are.  Stop it.

We always give mainstream media crap because they are incapable of telling the truth.  It’s a fact, so we very rarely watch, read or listen to their endless lies.  So, how do conservatives get their news?  We pride ourselves on seeking out and finding the truth, no matter where it may be.  The internet and social media has given everyone a voice, you no longer have to be a billionaire media tycoon to have a voice.  Nope, just a internet connection and a tablet.  People like you and I are sharing and talking about news from around the world.  It truly is empowering.  It also pisses off libtards and the media, so keep it up.  Mainstream media has alway been a liberal mouthpiece and it’s been difficult at best for conservatives.  That’s no longer the case.  We have the power.  So why is it so hard for our conservative counterparts to post what we want to see?  Don’t try to fool us.  Don’t try to pull us into a BS article.  If you do it will PISS us off, so stop.

We would hope these news resources that pride themselves on the truth would also pride themselves on their integrity.  Truth and integrity, they go together like guns and ammo; husband and wife; government and waste.

Can someone explain why our sources of news bait us with BS titles, writeups and gimmicks?  I’m sorry but my time is valuable and I’m pretty sure yours is to.  Why do we accept this BS!  It’s HUGE!  Didn’t see this one… Oh, the horror.  Can you believe what they said… See who got bashed by…This changes everything……

If page hits are more important than the news and your readers time, you are as worthless as mainstream media.  Stop playing these games and start providing a valuable resource.

Now, let’s talk about the website with so many advertisements that the page doesn’t display or worse yet crashes.  If you claim to be a news resource, cut back on the advertisements and start posting content people want to read.  How many times have you clicked on a link filled with so many advertisements that you can’t find the actual article?

Moving on to content; stop wasting our time with BS posts and articles.  Do you actually think we’re as stupid as liberals?  There are so many pages and sites we’ve stopped referencing because our time is valuable.  Our readers time is valuable.  If you want visits, post something worth visiting.  If you have nothing to post, then don’t post.  Is it really that hard?

You need to step away from the keyboard if you can’t handle the power and the voice the internet has given us.  You need to step away from the keyboard if you value page visits more than quality content for your viewers.

If you would like some pointers please contact your viewers.  If you don’t, you may not have any in the near future.  Stop being part of the problem.

Your friends at Patriots Rising!

Primaries: Moving Forward

Last night was a shocker.  We didn’t expect Cruz to call it quits but honestly, it was the right call.  Trump has dominated the primaries and he will continue to dominate.  Cruz really had no chance after Trump took all 5 primaries a week ago.

At this very moment the GOP leadership is shitting themselves.  They are in panic mode and there’s absolutely nothing they can do.  Well, there is but it would be political suicide; if the GOP does anything to steal the nomination away from Trump they would be finished.  There would be no saving them.  There is absolutely no way Trump will not get the magic number of 1237.  None.  It’s a sure bet that with Cruz out all remaining delegates will go to Trump.  So the only way the GOP can stop this, is if they change that magic number.  It would be suicidal and I don’t think, or would hope to think that they are not that stupid.  But hey, we are talking about politicians.

Do you realize this whole Trump candidacy is all their FAULT?  It is.  We sent a very loud message in 2014 and they failed to hear it.  They ignored us.  They blew us off like we didn’t count and this was after we elected them.  The rise of Trump is squarely on the shoulders of the GOP leadership.  If the Republicans would have listened and done what the people wanted, I doubt Trump would have entered the race.  Why would he?  What is the Presidency going to give Trump that he doesn’t already have?

Some say that Trump is a democratic decoy.  Really!  Why would someone enter a field of 16 candidates if he was a decoy?  Why not enter the smaller democratic race?  Oh, he was plant to win Hillary the White House.  Really!  Wasn’t Hillary a shoo in for the White House back when Trump entered?  Everyone knew Hillary was the sure bet.  So why would they need a decoy?  I’m sorry but it’s not as complicated as many would think.  Is it so hard to believe that the man simply wants to rebuild our nation?  There’s a point in everyone’s life when they have simply had enough.  Trust me, I’ve been there for a while, so has Doc and so has millions of other Americans.  We’ve had enough and we want our nation back.

Is Trump controversial?  Absolutely.  Is he the right person to bring change to our stagnant and corrupt political system?  Absolutely.  Is he better than Hillary?  Absolutely.  I will vote for ANYONE and I mean ANYONE running against Hillary.  Who’s telling you Trump is a racist?  Who’s telling you Trump is a bigot?  Who’s telling you Trump is sexist?  Mainstream media, that’s who.  Haven’t we already determined you can’t trust a word that comes out of their mouths?  How successful is Trump’s company?  Do you honestly think anyone with those attributes would have such a successful company?  I know, I know.  He wants to build a wall, a wall to keep out illegal aliens.  He doesn’t want to keep out or deport citizens or those looking to become legal citizens.  What about the refugees.  OMG…. are you serious.  Why would we want refugees that we can’t verify who they are?  That’s like opening up the ISIS flood gates.  Then we need to look at why our nation is currently treating refugees better than our own citizens, or our VETS!  Screw the refugees.  Just look what they’re doing to Europe.  Oh, that’s right you don’t see what their doing to Europe because the media doesn’t report on that.  Trump says that Hillary wouldn’t have a 5% chance if she wasn’t a woman.  And….  She wouldn’t.  She plays that woman card every single day.  I for one want a wall.  I for one want to stop the refugees.  I for one think Hillary is playing the woman card.  I also think Hillary could give a rats ass about women’s rights.  Hell, she’s done more damage to women than any other political figure.  People say that once Trump become the nominee the media will expose all his deepest, darkest secrets.  Don’t you think they have already tried?  They’ve done everything they can to derail his candidacy.  The media needs to worry about Hillary’s deepest, darkest secrets.

Are we waving the Trump flag?  No.  We are waving the Republican front runners flag.  We’re waving the flag the American people have selected as the Republican nomination.  We’re waving the flag of political corruption.

I’ll tell you a little secret.  Last spring I said to myself that I would support whoever the media hated the most.  What candidate the media went after would be the person I supported.  Why?  Simple.  Mainstream media has a liberal, socialist agenda and their fear is a Republican President that will not bow to their demands.  Can we get over the mudslinging that has taken place over the last 13 months?  Yes, we do it every time there’s an election.  Can we all get behind one candidate to beat Hillary?  Yes, we can and we have to.  There is no other option.

Trump now needs to focus on Hillary.  He needs to focus on a running mate and then his cabinet.  He needs to show the American people who he will surround himself with.  Who will be his advisors.  This is a crucial step and one that needs to be announced sooner, rather than later.  What is a Presidency?  The Presidency is more than one person, it’s a group of people coming together for a single purpose.  That single purpose needs to be focused on rebuilding our nation.

Will there be people that stay home and not vote?  Will there be Democrats that vote for Trump? Will there be independents that vote for Trump?  Will there be conservatives that vote for Trump?  Yes, we believe voter turnout will set records.  Can we survive four years with Hillary as President?  Can we survive four more years of liberal policies and the attacks on our freedoms and liberties? No.  Staying home and not voting in November will be a vote for Hillary.

If you care about our economy, you can’t sit this one out.  If you care about our freedoms and liberties, you can’t sit this one out.  If you care about America and our way of life you can’t sit this one out.  Our nation is in rough shape and it’s needs us more than ever before.  Could we be wrong about Trump.  Yes, but do we have any other choice?


Let’s talk about Trump protesters for a moment, the one’s from California this past weekend, specifically those protesters that believe a secured border is a bad, racist idea. 

Trump supports and promotes secured borders and this in turn makes him a racist.  What??  Oh, it gets better, not only are they protesting a secure border some are doing it while waving the Mexican flag and some are protesting by burning the American Flag……..yes, you read that correctly, WTF?  How does this even make sense?  The articles that we have been reading on this subject, do not state whether or not the protesters are citizens, green card holders or illegal Aliens, but our guess is there is probably a mix of all three.  This begs us to ask these questions: Why are they waving the flag of a country they ran from?  Why are they burning the flag of a nation they fled to?  WOW!!  If you’re waving the Mexican flag and burning ours why don’t you pack your sh*t and head back over that border you crossed illegally.  If you are an American citizen burning our flag, well that’s a whole other story so we won’t even go there.

How is this Trump’s fault?  Every country out there has secure borders, yet his proposal is racist.  Absolutely none of this adds up.  If you’re an immigrant and came to the United States legally wouldn’t you want secure borders?  You worked hard for your citizenship and others think they can just walk over the border to become a citizen.  Please tell us one other country that will allow you to just walk in and instantly become a citizen………

Yeah, this all makes sense.  Let’s violently protest while waving the flag of a country we ran from and burning the flag of the country we ran to………..  Can we protest stupidity?

My god, my head hurts.

Just Shut Up Already

How many times do you hear racist, sexist, homophobia, etc, etc, etc every single day? 

Just shut up Already!!!

We’re sick and tired of it.  To everyone out there that feeds into this crap need to shut the hell up.  Crawl back downstairs to your mothers basement and let the rest of us live our lives.  You are not wanted or needed and we sure the hell do not want to hear your opinion.

I hate Chinese food because I hate rice.  Does that make me a racist?  Apparently.  I want to keep illegal aliens out of my country.  Damn, a double whammy.  What about Syrian refugees.  Same, stay the hell out.  I completely despise Hillary Clinton.  I’m I sexist?  Apparently.  Do you want to know something?  Maybe, just maybe we don’t have a racist or sexist issue in America.  Maybe we have a liberal problem.  Maybe we have a corrupt political system.

Debating and Educating


Have you ever had a gun debate with a person that’s not for or against guns?

Today we all need to fight for our Second Amendment Rights.  We need to be educated and we need to spread that knowledge to those who do not have an opinion.

I had a conversation yesterday with my boss.  We started talking about politics which lead us into a conversation about guns.  She admitted she didn’t know much about guns or gun Rights but thought it was absurd that civilians could own and operate military weapons.  She also threw out that our Founding Fathers never intended on us to own these types of weapons.  I know, talking politics and guns at work is the fastest way to the unemployment line but I took this as an opportunity to educate her on our Rights as Americans.  We talked about guns and gun-control for 20-30 minutes and I think I cleared up some misconceptions about guns.  At the end of our conversations she mentioned she’d go to the next gun show to see what it was all about.  I also believe she now knows that the scary looking AR15 is no different than any other semi-automatic rifle out there.

Our Founding Fathers were concerned about a centralized government that was stronger than civilians.  The Second Amendment wasn’t written to protect our hunting rights.  It was written to protect us against tyranny.  They absolutely wanted the people of the United States to be as powerful, if not more than our government.  In our opinion we believe our Founding Fathers would disagree that our government bans certain types of weapons from private ownership.


A couple days ago Doc got pulled into an online conversation about transgenders and public restrooms. 

You would think this would have been a short conversation but no, it lasted way too long.  What was interesting and why we’re writing this is to point out how brainwashed the general public is.  Liberals have done a great job brainwashing the public and it is scary how easy it’s become for them to plant an idea into the heads of brainless drones.  Maybe brainwashed is the wrong term, how’s “programmed” work?

The conversation was started by someone that said genitals did not dictate sex.  Yes, someone actually wrote that.  So the conversation begins and quickly descends into complete and utter lunacy.  Doc was having a good ole time crushing them as it become apparent that no matter what she said, they would not accept it.  She even moved the conversation away for human and tossed in the animal factor.  What dictated the sex of our dogs?  Was it their feelings or was it what genitals they were born with.  OMG…..  that got the fires burning.

We admit we do not know what struggles transgenders face on a daily basis and honestly we do not care.  That may seem insensitive but we have enough to worry about.  We really do not need to worry about what makes us a man or woman and yes there are only TWO options.  There’s no middle ground when it comes to sex.  Man!  Woman!

Discrimination… Who’s Discriminating Against Who?

Who’s Discriminating Against Who?

The unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or SEX

Either of the two main categories (male and female) into which humans and many other living things are divided on the basis of their reproductive functions.
Synonym:  Gender

The state of being male or female (typically used with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones).
Synonym: Sex

Denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity does not correspond with the gender assigned to them at birth.

This is not a politically correct RANT and if you are offended we suggest you move on.

Bathroom-gender-signThe raging debate over public restrooms is a complete and utter joke.  A transgender is a person that has issues with their sex.  Is this not their issue?  Why is our society making someone else’s issue our issue?  Let’s break this down.  A person was born a man, yet they somehow feel that was a mistake.  They really should have been born a female.  Do you have male parts?  If the answer is yes, you’re a man.  Does it really matter what you think you should have been?  No.  If you have male parts you should not go into the women’s restroom.  That’s just creepy.

What if you were born Irish but I really thought I should have been born Italian?  Does this make you Italian?  Of course it doesn’t.  What if you were born African American but thought you should have been born Native American?  Sorry, doesn’t work here either.

This is about political correctness and the insanity it promotes.  Look around and what do you see?  You see a world consumed by political correctness.  Why are we spending so much time and energy on a debate that has no grounds on reality?  If you’re a male, you need to use the male restroom.  If you are a female, you need to use the female restroom.
How is it discrimination if we want our restrooms to remain male and female?  What else is there?  If you’re not a male or a female what are you?  There is no middle ground here, biology and science prove that.  But if you are still confused, simply unzip your pants and the answer will become apparent.

So after reading a little bit you might be thinking this is discrimination and we’re going to burn in hell.  But no, we don’t think so; we have nature on our side.  It’s an argument that can not and will not be lost to delusional thinking of what’s right and wrong.

Now let’s focus on the real discrimination.  Remember the the definition above?  The policies that are promoting the use of restrooms by any individual depending on what sex they “identify” with is discrimination…..but it is discrimination against individuals that are quite comfortable with what their identity is.  Think about it in this manner, and there are reports of this happening, would you want a man walking into the ladies restroom where your 14 year old daughter is using the facilities because the laws have given that individual the right too?  We most certainly would not that to happen to our children.  That 14 year old has the same expectation of privacy as the transgender individual, so what makes their rights more important than yours or mine?  We are discriminating against one class of individuals to justify laws for another class of individuals.  We just cannot wrap our heads around some of the thought processes that are going into these laws.

Let us be very clear to those that might be wondering……..We do not care how you choose to live your life or how you choose to represent yourself to the world.  BUT, when the quest for your rights infringes on our rights, then we have a problem.  This whole restroom thing is discrimination against men and women. Transgenders need to work their issue out and leave the restrooms to those that know who and what they are.

The Awakening: What Is Government

What is government?  

America is divided and it’s all due to our political elite.  Yes, they have created a monster they cannot tame nor cage.  It’s a monster of biblical proportions and it’s feeding on American values and our way of life.  The monster we’re talking about is big government.  Our government was never intended to lead the American people.  It was intended to protect and safeguard against foreign and domestic enemies but today we have a government that’s feeding off the people.  How many departments and agencies does the government run?  The government has two jobs and those two jobs are safeguarding our Nation and our Constitution.  The government has failed at both.  So how does a failed government continue to grow into this beast we have now?  It grows because political elites have tasted power and they will do anything to maintain it.

The Constitution of the United States limits the power of government, not the people.  It’s the people that govern the government but they have forgotten this.

ProtestEvery single political pundit out there wonders how a real estate mogul has taken control of their political circus.  It is disturbing that they wonder and this shows exactly how ignorant they are.  The reason is crystal clear but yet they seem baffled.  Their world has turned upside down and they have no clue how to fix it.  In our opinion, it’s beyond fixing.  We have given the political elite several opportunities to resolve this mess but they have ignored us.  They have forgotten we have the power and not them.  If only they would have listened in 2014 when we yelled our discontent at the top of our lungs.  If they would have listened, many of them would not be finding themselves backed into a corner now.

Rumors are spreading that the establishment will take necessary steps to ensure an establishment puppet is nominated.  We hope these are only rumors.  We can’t imagine the level of stupidity if this comes to pass.  If and we must stress “if” the establishment hijacks the 2016 Presidential race the people will rise up.  This is not a threat.  It’s a promise.  They have no idea what a shit storm this act will cause.  Our fear is that they truly believe they control our political system and if they do control it, what are our chances of being thrown into another civil war?  We believe the people and the states will have no part in this and will rise up against oppression and tyranny.

As we move closer and closer to November we must step back and evaluate what could be.  The Democrats have the worst candidates.  Period.  The Republicans had a list longer than my arm and most have dropped out.  Do we have the best candidates?  No.  We’ll never see the perfect candidate.  With that said, we have who we have and we must vote for whoever runs against Hillary or Bernie; and after last night’s primaries we have no doubt it will be Hillary.

Some people swear they will never vote for Trump, others say they won’t vote at all.  Really!  Seriously people, is Trump really worse than Hillary?  Will you really jeopardize your nation because you dislike a candidate?  We will never have the perfect candidate and if we do it will be an illusion.

Before we end this rant we would like you to research european nations.  Why?  You need to research them because the policies they have are the same policies Hillary and Bernie want to implement here in the United States.  European nations are failing at a staggering rate.  Poverty, crime and chaos has taken over the daily lives of europeans and their governments are completely oblivious.  Since the dawn of time we have wished we could see the future.  Surprisingly, we have that capability.  It’s called Europe!  What’s happening there will happen here if Liberals retain control of the White House.

2016 will decide our fate.  Will we survive and rebuild what’s been lost or will we crumble like so many nations before us?  The fate of our nation is truly in your hands.  What will you do?

Patriots Rising

What is Patriots Rising

Patriots Rising isn’t a Facebook page, it’s not a website. It’s not merchandise or an object you can obtain. Patriotism isn’t a cause, it’s a way of life. So many people today believe patriotism is a cause, or a movement. It’s none of the above.

Patriotism can’t be taught, it flows through your veins like blood. It’s how you feel when you wake up in the morning and when you go to bed at night. It’s what you think and believe during the day and how you live your life from birth to death. It’s something special that makes you who you are. Patriotism is hard to explain to those who lack it. It’s the goosebumps you get when you hear the National Anthem, the Pledge of Allegiance or when you watch American Sniper. It’s a smile you get when you see a Bald Eagle or our National Flag. It’s the gut punch when you see our National Flag being burned.

Flag_burningWe’ve been sucker punched and we’re down, we need to rise up, rise strong to save our Nation. Yes, it hurts! Yes, we’re pissed. We need to rise above those who laugh at us. Those who believe patriotism is a disease. Those who believe they can fundamentally change our country. Those who believe our Constitution is irrelevant.

What is freedom? What is liberty? It’s the United States of America and it’s freedom’s last stand. You and I are freedom’s last stand and yes, we are Patriots Rising. We stand with our forefathers. We stand with every single patriot that’s came before us. Those who have died and those who have survived protecting it.

What is Patriots Rising? It’s our family and friends. It’s our military and first responders. It’s every man, woman and child that bleeds red, white and blue. We are America and we are Patriots Rising.

-Doc and Jester

We Are America…

America Needs Us…

Today our nation is facing attacks from powers within.  The nation we love has been divided by the same officials we placed in office.  These elected officials have taken control of our legislative, judicial and executive branches of the government.  The three branches of government that were created to form a barrier against corruption, tyranny and oppression.  Our system has been compromised.

FlagEagleConstitution-01qI know we’re preaching to the choir here.  If you are reading this, you are a Patriot who loves our nation as much as we do.  This rant isn’t for you, it’s for your family, friends, and co-workers.  We all must step up and fight for our Freedoms.  We must step up and fight for our liberties.  This is the time we fight through the system our Founding Fathers gave us.  Our Founding Fathers gave us a system to peacefully replace our government and they also gave us a way to forcibly replace our government.  This is not the time for the latter.  Yes, that time may come but it’s not today or tomorrow.  We are above our elected officials and we will abide by our Constitution.  Most of you are active, prior service or retired military; you are law enforcement and first responders; you are family members of military and/or first responders; you are oath takers and keepers…….You ARE America.

dont-treadThis year we will elect a new leader to take control of our nation.  A nation that’s currently walking a very fine line between freedom and liberty or oppression.  We have had seven years of destruction, seven years of corruption, seven years of Constitutional infringements and violations.  You and I can rally the American people.  We are Americans.

We need to spread the word.  We need to rise up and rise strong.  We need to rally behind a leader that can stop the destruction.  We need a leader that can purge corruption from Washington D.C.  We need to stop attacking ourselves.  The establishment is playing us against each other.  They are playing us like fools.  We’re smarter than that.  We’re better than that.  We are Americans.

Our candidates need to step above the establishment and mainstream media.  They need to refuse to play into the side show that’s taken over our campaigns.  They need to stop attacking each other and start collaborating with each other and the people of America.  We are pleading to you as Americans, stop the side show antics.  You are better than they are.  We are better than they are.  We want our nation back.

Whomever is elected has a tough job ahead of them.  Our nation will take years to recover and you will be held to very high standards.  This is our last chance to reclaim our nation.  This is our last chance to peacefully reclaim what our Founding Fathers envisioned.  This is our last chance to reclaim our freedoms and liberties.  If we fail here the people of America may have no other choice than to follow the path our Founding Fathers were forced into.