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Click Bait: Post Valuable Content!!!

Click Bait!  Is your time valuable?

Seriously, do you enjoy wasting your time reading BS articles that have pulled you in with a vague and eye catching title?  I know, it drives us bat sh*t crazy as well.  Why?  Do they actually think they are winning over new viewers?  The sad part of this is, everyone does it.  Our values, freedoms and liberties are under attack each and everyday by the mainstream media, so one would think that the conservative side would use every minute of every day feeding their viewers the information they need to combat this threat.  Nope, even our most respected conservative leaders (not mentioning any names) and resources out there use click bait on a regular basis.1020-201501201342-000_CertifiedBullShit

So what does this tell us?  It tells us that page visits are more important than our fight for conservatism and freedom.  If you use these tactics you should be ashamed.  You know who you are.  Stop it.

We always give mainstream media crap because they are incapable of telling the truth.  It’s a fact, so we very rarely watch, read or listen to their endless lies.  So, how do conservatives get their news?  We pride ourselves on seeking out and finding the truth, no matter where it may be.  The internet and social media has given everyone a voice, you no longer have to be a billionaire media tycoon to have a voice.  Nope, just a internet connection and a tablet.  People like you and I are sharing and talking about news from around the world.  It truly is empowering.  It also pisses off libtards and the media, so keep it up.  Mainstream media has alway been a liberal mouthpiece and it’s been difficult at best for conservatives.  That’s no longer the case.  We have the power.  So why is it so hard for our conservative counterparts to post what we want to see?  Don’t try to fool us.  Don’t try to pull us into a BS article.  If you do it will PISS us off, so stop.

We would hope these news resources that pride themselves on the truth would also pride themselves on their integrity.  Truth and integrity, they go together like guns and ammo; husband and wife; government and waste.

Can someone explain why our sources of news bait us with BS titles, writeups and gimmicks?  I’m sorry but my time is valuable and I’m pretty sure yours is to.  Why do we accept this BS!  It’s HUGE!  Didn’t see this one… Oh, the horror.  Can you believe what they said… See who got bashed by…This changes everything……

If page hits are more important than the news and your readers time, you are as worthless as mainstream media.  Stop playing these games and start providing a valuable resource.

Now, let’s talk about the website with so many advertisements that the page doesn’t display or worse yet crashes.  If you claim to be a news resource, cut back on the advertisements and start posting content people want to read.  How many times have you clicked on a link filled with so many advertisements that you can’t find the actual article?

Moving on to content; stop wasting our time with BS posts and articles.  Do you actually think we’re as stupid as liberals?  There are so many pages and sites we’ve stopped referencing because our time is valuable.  Our readers time is valuable.  If you want visits, post something worth visiting.  If you have nothing to post, then don’t post.  Is it really that hard?

You need to step away from the keyboard if you can’t handle the power and the voice the internet has given us.  You need to step away from the keyboard if you value page visits more than quality content for your viewers.

If you would like some pointers please contact your viewers.  If you don’t, you may not have any in the near future.  Stop being part of the problem.

Your friends at Patriots Rising!