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You Want It? Come and take!

Gun confiscation is the true end goal of Democrats and liberals around the country!  It’s a fact that they continuously push gun-control even when they know it will not make a difference.  They love saying we don’t want to take your guns but you and I know that that’s the holy grail of gun control supporters.

Last week the liberals had several huge wins.  The SCOTUS ruled in favor of ObamaCare and gay marriage.  We also had them rally behind the banning of the Confederate flag.  We now have the crazy lot wanting to destroy national monuments because they are racist.  Please.  Liberals have fanned the racist card way too often.  If they truly want to see what a racist is they should look into a mirror.  This brings us to our rant.

MolonLabe-02The gun-control narrative is getting old.  Do you want to ban guns?  Do you want to confiscate guns?  Do you want to completely eradicate guns from our society?  Do you want the Southern states to secede? What about the mid-western states?  Stop tip toeing around your end goals.  Do you truly want a civil war?  This slow and unrelenting attack on our freedoms grows tiresome.  We have been passive for way to long and if you truly want to test our resolve go ahead and ban guns!  Let’s get this over with now and forever.