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Concealed Carry Plea to Governor Hogan

MARYLAND: Concealed Carry Plea to the Governor

664px-Flag-map_of_MarylandGovernor Hogan, the people of Maryland need your help. They need to be able to defend themselves, family and property from radical religious fanatics. As you know Maryland is a “May Issue” state and residents need to have a “good and substantial” reason to apply for a wear and carry permit. We urge you to consider this new threat a “good and substantial” reason to allow Maryland residents the Right to protect themselves.

All residents that wish to purchase a handgun in the state of Maryland need an Handgun Qualification License (HQL), which requires state mandated training. More training than most states required to conceal carry. We urge you to consider the HQL as an interim wear and carry permit until they can apply and be approved for a Maryland State Wear and Carry Permit.

By approving the HQL as a temporary wear and carry permit you will be helping thousands of Marylanders protect themselves and others if a terrorist(s) carry out an attack in Maryland. We would also like to suggest that the state of Maryland recognize concealed carry permits/licenses from other states.

Thank you and God be with you, your family and the great people of Maryland.

-Patriots Rising