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We Shall Not Comply

The debate over our individual Rights to bear arms ended on December 15, 1791. Anyone who wishes to infringe on these Rights is in direct violation of our Constitutional Rights and therefore a traitor to our nation.

The world is under siege by extreme religious fanatics and many nations have disarmed their citizens. We as Americans have the Right to bear arms and it’s our duty as Americans to fight all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Any elected official who seeks citizen disarmament is a traitor to our nation and a terrorist sympathizer.

Any citizen of the United States who wishes their fellow Americans be disarmed and defenseless is a terrorist sympathizer.

We shall not comply! We shall fight and you will lose!

Reenacting the France Terror Attacks

Recently a Texas pro-gun group ran several simulations of the events that took place during the terrorist attacks to see if armed victims (Good guy with guy) could have made a difference. The first article (see below) mentioned that all but one simulation showed all victims would have died but they do not elaborate on the one. They simply ignore and never mention it again. I find it odd that they do not go into details about the one simulation but it’s all good. The article also fails to mention how many simulations were run.

The second article (see below) goes into more detail about the simulations and is a much better article on the Texas pro-gun group’s simulations.

Even if ALL simulations failed to change the outcome the major point of this exercise was missed. If I’m going to die I would rather die fighting for my life rather than beg for it. Being armed doesn’t mean you’re invincible, it just means you’ll go down fighting

Article 01
Article 02