2016-06-28: News Commentary

News commentary by Patriots Rising on June 28, 2016

We posted earlier about Obama refusing to answer questions to the Benghazi Committee, this article gives you the questions he refused to answer.

Not so “transparent” is he??
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Hillary’s response to the Benghazi Report, she is such fraud!
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I am a woman that has a huge problem with this!!  If you haven’t guessed yet this just really pisses me off!  It is quite ridiculous that we are allowing words to change our titles.  I am a retired Hospital Corpsman……not a Corp person or whatever else they decide to change it to.  A word does not make any person who they are or aren’t…..Honor, Courage, Commitment, Integrity…..these things make us who we are.

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Will the soon to be released Benghazi report finally tell the American people what happened or will it be another coverup?

“Secretary Clinton had the last clear chance to provide adequate protection or, failing that, to close the facility and pull our people out,” the two write. “She did neither.”

“misled the public about what she knew about the attacks in Benghazi in order to help President Barack Obama’s re-election.”

“Leadership was inadequate”

“Clinton, they said, acknowledged in private correspondence that the attacks were terrorist attacks”
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What would you think if we told you your photo may be in a FBI database?  It doesn’t matter if you’ve been arrested in the past or not; according to this article the FBI has 411.9 million images that they can search.

And you thought you we’re living in the land of the free, home of the brave.  Your actually living in a police state where you have no Rights and the Rights you think you have are just illusions.  What price will we pay for national security?
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Here’s an example of how gun control lies spread and eventually become fact. Yes, it’s brought to us by Huff Puff.

Gold State Warriors coach Steve Kerr decided to share his vast knowledge of guns and our Second Amendment in a recent article, letter or whatever you’d like to call it.
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We’re not criminologist but isn’t heroin banned?  What about cocaine?  What about a criminal with a gun?  Aren’t all three banned, against the law and generally a no-no?  Yeah, that’s what we thought.
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Here’s another story of good people with guns stopping bad people with guns.
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Charlie Daniels recently gave his thoughts on our Second Amendment Rights and all those famous folks protected by armed guards.

“This is the biggest farce going on. It’s just political. I don’t give a damn who signed that thing on Billboard,” he told FOX411 Country. “They don’t shoot guns. They don’t know anything about them. What they do know is what they think is the popular opinion and I guarantee you, Orlando is just one guy. Wait until there are five or six of them.”
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Trey Gowdy’s thoughts on why it is so important we all read the report on Benghazi.

The link to the report:
News commentary by Patriots Rising on June 28, 2016

Who the hell is Elizabeth Warren and is she all that and a bag of chips?

Oh yeah…..she is Pocahontas!

We’re thinking she’s all talk just like her BFF Hillary.
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2016-06-27: News Commentary

News commentary by Patriots Rising on June 27, 2016

Last time we checked “yes” was at 92% with 414k votes.
“Do you think people should be allowed to carry guns in public?”
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Why is the NRA and for that matter gun owners of American against common-sense gun control?  That’s an easy question and we think most people would agree that gun-control advocates will never be happy.  They will not stop until every single gun is banned and confiscated.  We will not negotiate, compromise or give an inch.  You will have to pry that gun from my cold dead hands.
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COLORADO: Diana DeGette
Congresswoman Diana DeGette wants the Assault Weapons Ban reinstated.  She believes it will prevent terrorist attacks and gun violence.  Does it matter that every single government report has concluded that the assault weapons ban did nothing?  Like other democrats, she also supports eliminating due process.

How many of our Rights as Americans would democrats sweep under the carpet?  Could you imagine what would happen if Hillary is elected President?  Democrats are dangerous.
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What law will prevent violence if someone is willing to kill another human being?

Gun control would not have prevent Orlando.  Period.
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Hillary Clinton supports and promotes massive restrictions on our Rights.  She will usher massive government growth, spending and infringement like we’ve never seen before.  She’s tyrannies poster child.
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50% of Americans polled believe government will go too far in restricting gun Rights and 47% believe they won’t do enough.

Support for our gun Rights has shifted over the years and this poll is just another example of that.
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MISSOURI: Governor To Veto Gun Rights
The Governor of Missouri said that he will veto several pro-gun bills that have made it to his office.
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2016-06-24: News Commentary

News commentary by Patriots Rising on June 24, 2016

HAWAII: Gun Registration has Begun on U.S. Soil!
A gun registration database has been authorized in the United States.  The Governor of Hawaii just signed into law a bill that creates a gun ownership database.  He also signed a bill that would disqualify people for owning firearms and another that authorizes confiscation.

They also mentioned that their progress on gun-control would be a model for other states.

It has begun!
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No, there’s no media bias when it comes to conservatives and gun owners.  We all know they value the truth above all else.  We also know that they will keep our government honest and as transparent as they possibly can.
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As you all know the SCOTUS gave Obama devastating news yesterday.  In a tie ruling the SCOTUS put a halt to Obama’s illegal immigrant policy.  As a result Obama has already announced that he will not comply.  Wow!  Of course it comes as no surprise but actually admitting it is something else.

Both Hillary and Trump released statements yesterday following the ruling.  Hillary is sad and yes, devastated at the news and will do what ever it takes if she becomes President.  Trump on the other had supported the ruling and reinforced his commitment to do what he could to uphold the decision if he becomes president.
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MICHIGAN: Concealed Carry Discount
Do you live in Michigan?  Do you have a conceal carry permit?  If so we have good news.  You qualify for a DISCOUNT.

There’s a gas station in Sauk Rapids, MI that has been robbed two times in the past three months.  You can say they have had enough.  To discourage any more robberies they have decided to give anyone with a concealed carry permit a discount.  That’s right.  The only thing that will stop a bad person with a gun is a good person.
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TRUMP: Britain Leaves EU
How many world leaders urged the people of Britain to stay in the EU?  Hundreds, but let’s focus on three.  Yes, three high profile Americans voiced their opinions to the people of Britain.  Both Obama and Hillary urged, no, begged the people to stay.  Trump told them to leave.  What’s this tell you.  Did the people of Britain give Trump the finger or did they give Obama and Hillary the finger?

We are not the only nation battling liberalism.  It’s a global threat and every nation around the world will eventually need to join this fight.  Liberalism will destroy us.

#brexit #trump #eu
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Here is a double standard for you!  Liberals that want to ban guns seem to think it is OK to cheer on gun violence against Trump.  You or I would be received a visit from the secret service for this!
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The truth is hard to deny when it comes straight out of a politicians mouth.  On Tuesday, New York Democratic Rep Charlie Rangel admitted that law-abiding citizens should not have guns for protection but politicians should.  So again, we have a class of people that think their lives are more important then ours.  So if your not rich and famous or a politician your life means nothing.

Of course this doesn’t come as a surprise.  We’ve known this for decades but it’s eye opening when they actually admit it.
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Look at all the famous and rich people that are coming out of the woodwork to support gun-control.  Isn’t it great!  I mean all these people with armed guards have come together to support the government taking your Right to own guns away.  It’s such a sobering thought knowing that your favorite artist thinks their life is more important than their fans.  Don’t you wish you were rich and famous so you could have the same level of protection?

We should look up to these courageous people and strive to be just like them.
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There’s been a lot of talk about our Constitutional Rights since the terrorist attack in Orlando.  All of the Democrats and a handful of Republicans felt it was a good idea to toss out our Fifth Amendment Rights for a false sense of security.  They thought wrong.  Most liberals could give a rats ass about our 2A Rights but when they went after our 5A Rights they went too far.

Democrats in Washington have shown their true agenda.  Our Rights mean nothing to them.
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The global elites social experiment is crashing down around them as the people rise up.  World elites, including Obama and Hillary begged the people of Britain to remain in the EU.  They did not!  What’s that tell you?  Will we, the American people send a message to the worlds elites in November?  We can not survive if Hillary takes up residence in the White House.
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2016-06-23: News Commentary

News commentary by Patriots Rising on June 23, 2016

Why are the politicians fighting to take our Right to protect ourselves but yet they are protected by the very thing want to deny us?  I know, they are much more important than you or I.  We are just simple people that lack the knowledge, experience and importance they possess.  We lack the ability to act rationally, so we can’t be trusted with firearms.  Our husbands, wives and children are not as important.  We simply need to accept this and go about our daily lives.  If doesn’t matter that our tax money pays for their armed guards.  It doesn’t matter that our Right to defend ourselves is a Constitutionally protected Right.  None of this matters because we are just simple folks.  We can’t imagine the tough decisions they have to make as they sit on floors throwing temper tantrums.  No.  We are just simple folks.
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Please, for the love of God, explain it to us!

The following descriptions are all found in this short article.  It’s truly amazing how many different names can be dreamed up for a simple semi-automatic rifle.

Assault Weapons
Weapons of mass violence
Military style weapon
Highly dangerous guns
Military weapons

Do you want to know something??  We wish we could get our hands on a Military weapon.  How awesome that would be?
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Why do gun-control advocates want the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health to research gun violence?  It makes absolutely no sense.  We have the FBI.  We have BATFE.  We have government agencies that track this data.

Why do they insist that gun violence is a health issue?  Why do they want doctors to ask their patients if they have guns?  We know, you already know that answer to that question.  Do they think we’re stupid?
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Your guns are violating my freedom to live…..Yes, he actually said that!

Actually no they aren’t but let’s explore this for a moment.  My guns and the guns of millions of Americans across the nation are violating your Right to live.  Our guns have kept countless enemies from invading our land.  Our guns have kept freedom and liberty alive in our nation.  Do you actually think that you would have the Right to write this article if we didn’t have over 300 million guns in our nation.

Our Founding Fathers created three branches of the government to stop tyranny.  Our Founding Fathers gave us the Second Amendment in case that failed.  Today, our three branches of government have failed.  The only thing and I repeat the only thing keeping our government in check is our guns.

Do you still want to talk about how our guns are violating your right to live?
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OMG… Are you effin kidding me!  You scare me!  Wow, the Huff Puff really needs to get new writers that actually have a backbone.

If gun owners are so scary why on earth would a whiny little bitch want to piss us off?  Does that make any sense?  Please…. if we we’re so scary you wouldn’t write this crap.  You’d be to scared to write this garbage.

Liberals continue to blow our minds.  How can people scared of their own shadow function in society?  Better create another “safe place”.
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If it saves just one!  Blow it out your a$$.  Yes, Liberals irritate the hell out of us.  Their whiny voices sound like finger nails being dragged down a chalk board.

They claim they want to save lives.  They claim that we can and could do more.  They want to disarm Americans so radical religious fanatics, mentally unstable people and criminals can hunt us and kill us.  They are promoting victims as they are surrounded by armed guards 24/7.
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The line is being drawn by millions of Americans across our nation.  Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign is placing all of its hope on gun-control and her gender.  Will playing the gun-control and woman card pay off and give her the White House?
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One of the Dems, Congressman Keith Ellison from Minnesota, received a phone call from his mother to get on the floor of the House……and he stopped his meeting and went to the floor………

Another Democrat that cannot think for himself!
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2016-06-22: News Commentary

News commentary by Patriots Rising on June 22, 2016

One of the things that really pisses us off is that we are told over and over how much of a bully the NRA is, look what our government is doing over and over every time we have a terrorist attack…….telling us it is for National Security……Bullshit!
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Politicians simply fail to understand that our Constitutional Rights are NOT up for debate. We will not sell, trade or compromise our Rights for a sense of security. It’s not going to happen.
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Hillary and scandals??? No way! Apparently everything you and I have known for years, the DNC knows as well. Now if the rest of America would just open their eyes to the fraud that she really is!
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Liberals are losing their minds over the failed gun-control laws they were just trying to push through the Senate.

They’ve replaced our First Amendment with political correctness. They’ve been trying to repeal the Second Amendment for decades and now they want to dump our Fifth Amendment. Let’s not even mention all the violations of our Fourth Amendment over the years.
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So, do you think it is effective for our lawmakers to be sitting on the floor like two-year olds that aren’t getting their way?

It’s about time we fire them and elect some new ones!
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I have no words…..we have lost track of the terrorist’s wife who might be facing charges……..WTF???
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Yes, the NRA and it’s members are a bunch of gun nut ammosexuals that have twisted the meaning of the Second Amendment.

Shall we point the author to the writings of our Founding Fathers?
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Here we go again, but we knew it was coming.

Once again the White House is calling the terrorist attack in Orlando the Republicans fault; guess pledging one’s self to ISIS is OK to our President so he can continue to blame anyone but a Muslim. And he calls us racist………
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2016-06-21: News Commentary

News commentary by Patriots Rising on June 21, 2016

Our Constitution and Bill of Rights are perfectly clear, yet our government has placed restrictions on our God given Rights to protect ourselves. This death is on them.

Another life lost due to gun laws that kept her from protecting herself….seems her ex failed to follow the instructions of that restraining order!

We are the only ones responsible for our protection!
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Nope, not going to happen. If anyone, and I mean anyone asks if I have guns in my house I will tell them, “It’s none of your business”.

If you don’t like that answer, then by all means, take your child somewhere else to play!
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Can we say unhinged and unstable?

“Assault rifles in the hands of citizens kill people by the dozens, almost weekly.”

“A citizen uprising against the NRA, associated entities, the American militia movement, and all their enablers is required.”

Does he realize that he’s actually calling for unarmed civilians to rise up against those citizens that are ARMED?
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Let’s assume for one moment that all guns kill. Why? Because the author of this article assumes it. All guns kill and if they haven’t, they will. Guns are only meant to kill. Period.

Since there are sooooo many guns and confiscation is impossible the author suggest we restrict ammunition. The British tried this as well with our ancestors. It didn’t turn out the way they thought it would. Attempting to limit black powder ignited the Revolutionary War.
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It’s all smoke and mirrors as gun grabbers fight to strip our Rights away from us.

Gun grabbers make up data faster than McDonald’s can slap together a cheese burger. If they don’t pull numbers out of thin air they take existing data and twist and manipulate it so it agrees with their agenda. Why?
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Even though none of the proposals would’ve stopped the Orlando terrorist from getting his hands on firearms, this is what the New York Times thinks is appropriate journalism.
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Ignorance isn’t an excuse and it’s definitely not an excuse when you are an elected official.
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A woman in Florida protected herself when a man forced his way into a home. The intruder was shot with a .22 and is now in police custody.
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LIBERALS: Heads Are Popping
Last night liberals failed to pass knee jerk laws that would have done nothing to prevent another terrorist attack.

We have thousands of laws on the books that could prevent gun violence but they choose to ignore these laws in an attempt to limit the Rights of law abiding people. Why don’t they go after the criminals and gangsters? Why don’t they impose mandatory minimums. Why do they release them from jail earlier or reduce their sentence?
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Armed patron stops a robbery attempt at a pharmacy in Waynesboro, PA.

And they say it never happens…….
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2016-06-20: News Commentary

News commentary by Patriots Rising on June 20, 2016

We know that gun free zones are a very bad idea, and are a prime target for someone that wants to harm people, but what about bars and nightclubs?  Should we allow citizens to carry their weapons while they might be drinking?

The majority of us will be responsible while carrying and if we choose to go to a bar will not drink at all or to excess while carrying, but there will be some that will not be responsible.  Thoughts?
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All four measures of the gun bill voted down!
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How much more kicking to the gut can American gun owners take until they fight back?  Our fight to remove every single politician that has failed to uphold their oath of office.  How many politicians take an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and then once elected turn and spit on the very paper it’s written on?  This does come with a price.
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Every time we hear the word compromise we cringe.  Why?  Compromise is the battle cry of Republican politicians.  Have you ever heard a Democrat mention “compromise”?  No, it’s doesn’t exist in their vocabulary.  They never compromise so why do Republicans?

Anyone else think that this is a really bad idea???
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Stealing the mantra from the gun grabbers, it is about time we have some common sense terrorist control!  Why in the hell would we continue to take in immigrants from countries that have ties to terrorism?  Come on folks, pull your heads out of your a$$, taking a step back and looking hard at folks before we let them into our country is NOT racist or discrimination, it IS common sense.
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30,000 AR-15’s SOLD IN ONE WEEK!
Wow!  And it isn’t because people want to use them for self protection, it is the threat of our government banning them which is driving the sales; even though the Orlando Terrorist did not use an AR 15.
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A new study released by the FBI shows an increase in Active Shooter incidents.  Does this come as a surprise as overall crime rates are on the decline?
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2016-06-17: News Commentary

News commentary by Patriots Rising on June 17, 2016

Since the Orlando terrorist attack we have sat and watched the news and almost every single story has revolved around gun owners and the NRA.  Guns are evil.  The NRA is evil.  Gun owners of America are evil.  Fine!  You think we’re evil.  You think our nation needs to isolate and condemn Americans for exercising our Second Amendment Rights!  Fine!  We have had about enough.  We have been demonized, ridiculed and blamed for every single gun tragedy in this nation.  We are done!  Blame us all you want.

When a US Senator says on national television that “due process is killing us,” we have a problem.  When a US senator calls gun owners of American “worse than bad,” we have a problem.

Let’s get this over right here and now.  Come and take our guns.  Come and take our 1st, 2nd, 5th and 14th Amendment Rights from us.  Stand up on your grand stage and tell us you are doing this for America.  Tell us how our Rights mean nothing so you can shove a false sense of security down the throats of the sheep you herd.  Tell us you have nothing more than our best interests at heart.  Tell us all of these lies as you knock down our doors.
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HOWARD STERN: You Can’t Stop Violence
If you think you can stop violence by banning an object you are the problem.  You are ignorant and deserve neither freedom or security.  Howard Stern recently went off on gun-control advocates and rightfully so.  Ignorance isn’t an excuse for what is sweeping our nation at this very moment.
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Not sure if you all have seen this yet, we laughed our ass off after reading the article….our 5’2″ teenager is more of a man than this idiot…..I don’t think he was ever given a man card to turn in!
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America is under attack by radical Islamic terrorists and from our elected officials.  What group is more dangerous?  Yes, our elected officials claim they can protect the innocent from radical Islamic terrorists and domestic terrorists if we sacrifice our Constitutional Rights.  Don’t worry they say!  We will only target extremists and terrorists.

Do you remember several years ago when our very own government claimed Constitutional loving Americans were more dangerous than terrorists?  I do.  This abuse of power is dangerous and it’s far more dangerous than any foreign enemy.
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It’s happened throughout history and it’s repeating itself here in the United States.  Our very own Constitution and Bill of Rights are under attack and Congress will soon vote!

Our President, his administration and our elected politicians will soon vote our RIGHTS away.  They are attempting to violate the 5th and 14th Amendments to take away our 2nd Amendment Rights.  Why are they NOT behind bars!  They are willfully and knowingly violating the law of the land.

The Fifth Amendment has an explicit requirement that the federal government not deprive individuals of “life, liberty, or property,” without due process of the law.

Amendment V
No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

Amendment XIV
Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

Amendment II
A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.
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2016-06-16: News Commentary

News commentary by Patriots Rising on June 16, 2016

Watch List Vote
Last time we checked due process is still a protected Right and any politician voting to violate, infringe or deny that Right has broken their oath of office.  They are NOT competent to carry out the duties and should be removed from office.

“… But due process is what’s killing us right now.”
–Joe Manchin

We all know the federal government couldn’t manage a lemonade stand.  Everything they touch seems to fail and it doesn’t matter what it is.  If they run it, it will fail.  This is in part due to our politicians.  You see, they can’t hold down a civilian job so they have to find work running our government.  Running our government into the dirt. Makes sense right!

So now gun-grabbers, liberals and our politicians think it’s a great idea to restrict the Constitutional Rights of people on a “secret” government list.  It’s a list maintained by our government.  Strike one.  It’s a secret list.  Strike two.  No one has a clue who’s on it, or what they have done to be put on it.  Strike three.  Should we go on?
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There’s a lot of talk about gun-control, banning, restrictions and yes confiscation.  Are liberals this stupid?  Are they that confident American gun owners will refuse to comply?

Let’s just assume for on moment that they are successful and are able to pass a gun ban.  A gun ban would solve nothing, other than pissing off millions of Americans.  There are an estimated 310 million firearms in the United States.  How do they propose to get rid of 310 million guns?  Think about that for a minute.

Let’s now look at the United States as a whole.  How many gun friendly states are there?  How many anti-gun states are there?  We can guarantee with 100% certainty that there are far more gun friendly states out there.  The image below shows Republican and Democratic controlled states.  We’re thinking their out numbered….

Now let’s look at who’s armed and who isn’t.  Gun-grabbers by nature are scared to death of guns.  Gun owners, well, their not scared of guns.  In fact they embrace them.  Do you see a major problem forming?  Gun-grabbers are scared of guns, but want to take guns away from gun owners.  Unarmed vs. armed.  How’s that going to turn out?  Oh, the government and military.  Take another look at the map.  Take a good, long look.  How many states do you think are going to follow a law that disarms their people?  The federal government is only so big.  Oh, the military.  Take another look at the map.  Where are those soldiers from?  Then we need to point out that those who serve in the military are generally VERY patriotic.

“We need a radical movement for gun control”
“When the normal political system fails, it’s time to act up!”

We would seriously advise against that and yes, it would be in your best interest.

No gun law.  No ban on guns.  No law period will prevent tragedy.  Let’s just lay that right out there.

The CONSTITUTION is very clear.  The BILL of RIGHTS is very clear.  We, American gun owners have the law of the land on our side.  What do liberals have?  Absolutely NOTHING.  They have safe zones, gun-free zones.  They have their happy place and fail to live in reality.

Hell, they don’t even have guns.  Now that’s the kicker, isn’t it?  They are calling for the disarmament, confiscation of guns and they have none.  How exactly is that going to work out for them?  Come and take them!
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Liberals have successfully turned a tragedy into a call for ignorance and stupidity.  They have taken the deaths of 50 people and turned it into a anti-American blame game that defies rational thought.  A terrorist attacked Orlando.  A terrorist killed 50 people.

You are poking that stick a little hard.  Back the…. UP!  Place the stick on the ground and walk away.

There’s an estimated 310 million firearms in the United States.  Of that, it’s estimated that 1% of those firearms are AR-15’s of various sizes and styles.  AND if they were really a true threat, we probably wouldn’t be having this conversation right now.
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Yes, the title is absolutely correct but the content is fueling the storm.  Liberals need to stop.  They need to stop the lies and deceit.  They need to focus their anger on the cause of the mass shootings and not an object.  They need to step back, take a breath and pull their heads out of their ass.

Just for the record, and anyone can look this up in less than 5 minutes.  Every single study out there shows the Assault Weapons Ban was a complete and utter failure.  There was absolutely no proof it accomplished anything.
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Today has been a day that we’ve focused on the darker side of the news.  We have talked about an approaching storm and none of us want.  We have begged and pleaded for everyone to educate those you associate with.  We, you and I are the ones thinking rational. Liberals have set their sites us you and I.  They have placed the blame on fellow Americans.  They have drawn the line and will stop at nothing until they get what they want.

Liberals are poking a stick in the ribs of a sleeping tiger.  They are nonstop in their attacks and this article is just another example of their hatred.  The complete and undeniable rage place on fellow Americans.  Do they truly want to wake the sleeping tiger?  What do they think will happen when it awakes!
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CONGRESS: Gun Control
Gun grabbers, liberals, democrats and every other anti-freedom group out there are using a tragedy to burn our Constitution.  They claim we need to do something.  Anything. If we just save one.

The terrorist attack in Orlando was a tragedy.  It was a direct result of two ideologies that are NOT compatible with each other.  Radical, fanatic religious beliefs are to blame for what happened and it will continue.  There’s nothing we can do to prevent it.  No law will keep someone from killing another if that is what they desire.  Isn’t murder a crime?  How can you stop murder if that is the ultimate crime.  All other laws pale when murder is on the table.

A storm is approaching and it will tear our nation apart.  We fear this storm, as we should.  Our nation will not recover if this storm hits us with all its fury.  Tensions are high as our freedoms and liberties come under attack by people that have no clue what they are talking about or dealing with.  Don’t get us wrong, there are many that know exactly what they are talking about and know exactly what they are doing.  It’s those that are blind and ignorant that will build this storm into something we have never seen before.

We need to do everything we possibly can to calm the storm before it hits.  Talk to people at work, in your neighborhoods, your elected officials.
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Our Constitution was passed by our Founding Fathers without a Bill of Rights.  There was much debate over the Constitution and it’s lack of individual Rights.  Rights that could not be granted, restricted or taken away.  Natural born Right of every single human being.  The debate grew and several states refused to ratify the Constitution until individual Rights were identified and protected by our Constitution.  Amendments to our Constitution were drafted, debated and finally agreed upon.  We know these amendments as our Bill of Rights.  The Bill of Rights is a list of Right our government cannot touch.  Yet, here we are.

If anyone needed further proof they can go back are read the writings of our Founding Fathers.  It is very clear what their intent was.  So why today do we debate our Bill of Rights?  Liberals, scholars, politicians and yes, even the people believe our Founding Fathers had it wrong.  There’s no way our Founding Fathers could have foreseen what the future would bring.  This is fundamentally wrong.  Our individual Rights have passed the test of time.

Why do we have so many laws that restrict our Rights?  Why are there new laws passed every day that infringe and restrict these Rights.  If we lose our Rights we will never regain them.  They will become a footnote in history.  At some point we will have to answer to our children, their children why we sold our Rights, freedoms and liberties for a little security.

Our judicial system in broke.  Our executive and legislative system is broke.  The three branches of government were put in place to safeguard our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.  Never forget that.  As we battle for our Rights, freedoms and liberties we must remember that our Founding Fathers had just won a war against tyranny.  Do we want to be ruled again?
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NORTH CAROLINA: Constitutional Carry
Is Constitutional carry coming to North Carolina?  North Carolina politicians are moving forward with HB 1148, which would allow all people to carry a concealed weapon without a permit.
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The battle for our gun Rights is again heating up following the terrorist attack in Orlando. It’s more of the same.  It’s more knee jerk reactions from politicians that have no clue what they are talking about. How can you possibly pass laws when you do not know the subject matter? How many so-called loopholes are out there? Liberals have given their loopholes, loopholes.

Passing laws to pass laws is ignorant and asinine. All it does is give liberals a sense of accomplishment, even though it accomplishes nothing.
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2016-06-15: News Commentary

News commentary by Patriots Rising on June 15, 2016

UNITED NATIONS: Yes They Have Spoken
And we appreciate their wisdom about as much as Hillary’s hubbie…..

The United Nations has decided to throw their advice and vast knowledge into our gun-control debate.  Yep, they believe we should adopt stronger gun-control laws to safeguard our citizens.

The ease with which we AMERICANS can purchase firearms, including assault weapons, defies reason.
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Do you trust the media?  Do you trust our government?  What do you place your trust in?

Americans are no longer accepting what we’re told.  The blinders have finally been lifted.  It’s amazing to see the political pundits baffled at the rise of Donald Trump.  All they need to do is take a look at America’s confidence in our institutions.

Congress at 9%
Big Business at 18%
Newspapers at 20%
Criminal Justice System at 23%

The good news is Americans trust the Military the most.  The military tops the list at 73%.
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The media is our friend.  The media can be trusted.  The media has no agenda.  Ok, if you say so.

The media has gone full throttle in its attacks against the NRA and gun owners.  We are to blame.  Bad, bad gun owners.  You know what!  It’s getting old.

Did you see a recent poll where 20% of Americans trust the media to tell the truth?  20%, actually we thought that number was a little high.  We’ll find it and post it.
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What do we know about the terrorist that attack Orlando?  We know for a fact no gun-control law would have stopped it.  None!

What we do know is that those killed where hunted, trapped and killed in a gun-free zone.  If the tragedy shows us one thing, it’s that we need to be armed.  We need to be able to defend ourselves and we need to be able to shoot back.

The groups that have generally sided with gun-control need to rethink what’s important and what will protect them in the future.
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Yesterday several tweets went out from Mitch McConnell.  In these tweets he suggested he would be open to new gun-control laws after he speaks with “experts” from the FBI and DHS.

No terrorist should be able to get their hands on weapons!  Seriously.  you actually think you can stop a terrorist from terrorizing by passing more gun-control laws.

I know we’re starting to repeat ourselves with our posts but this is insane.  You can only take so much insanity before you blow a gasket.  The pressure is building and we’re not sure how much more the gasket can take.
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Liberals love the blame game.  Liberals love distractions.  Liberals hate the truth.  So where does that lead us?

It leads us down the road where a radical Islamic terrorist kills 50 people and gun owners and the NRA is blamed.  Yes, even after the fanatic pledged allegiance to ISIS.

It leads us down the road to a myth surrounding the most popular sporting rifle in America; that it’s a military style, automatic style, weapon of war, assault weapon, assault rifle killing machine.

It leads us down the road where the terrorist was a registered Democrat but the attacks were the result of Republicans and Christians.

It leads us down the road where Florida’s gun friendly laws are blamed for the deaths while they completely ignore California’s tough gun laws and San Bernardino.

It leads us down the road where law-abiding gun owners are demonized for holding onto their Second Amendment Rights.

It leads us down the road where banning, restricting, and regulating an object will some how eradicate evil.
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Bless his heart…..he still isn’t sure if the Orlando attack is in fact an act of terror….

What part of calling 911 and pledging allegiance to ISIS do the people not understand????  WTF people, WTF!
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Liberals have a sickening and unhinged hatred for guns and yes, gun owners.  Ban, restrict and confiscate is their gun solution.  They come up with flawed arguments and idiotic justifications to promote their cause.  It’s all flawed.  If it wasn’t flawed they wouldn’t have to resort to lie-umentaries to falsify and twist their data.

We have several benefits over them.  We have the Constitution and we have the truth.  We can go to the FBI’s website pull reports they have generated and share them as is.
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New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton didn’t hold anything back when he went after Congress.  Apparently the Police Commissioner believes the AR-15 is an assault weapon……

Yes, we know it’s a semi-auto.

Yes, we know it look scary.

Yes, we now know the terrorist that attacked Orlando didn’t use an AR-15.  We know this, You know this.  So how does the Police Commissioner of New York NOT know this?
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Will the Supreme Court decide to hear a challenge to gun-control laws passed in Connecticut shortly after Sandy Hook?

There’s another case that the Justices will rule on this month which is whether a Maine resident should have is gun Rights restored after a prior misdemeanor.

MISSOURI: Professor Shares Vast Knowledge
A Missouri Professor has predicted the Orlando terrorist attack will spark debate; Ya think????

It may even play a contributing part in this years election.

Thank you Captain Obvious……
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Hillary’s hubbie has decided to throw his thoughts into the ring concerning the Terrorist Attack in Orlando, and guess what????

“I think it’s likely that more people would’ve been killed,” the Democratic president told Bloomberg TV’s David Westin at the Clinton Global Initiative’s 2016 American Meeting on Tuesday.

I bet if someone in the bathroom had been armed when the terrorist ran in there to hide from the police, the hostage situation wouldn’t have lasted three hours.
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