Well-Armed: Fully or adequately armed for war or combat

Reference: Oxford Dictionaries

Americans by far are the best-armed population in the WORLD.  Yes, we have enough firepower to start another branch of the military.  Why is this?  There are several reasons, but the primary reason would be the wisdom of our Founding Fathers.  They had just finished kicking the British out of North America and they were in the process of forming a brand new nation.  A nation known as the United States.

See, they had just finished battling tyranny and in no way did they ever want to go through that again.  They also didn’t want their descendants to go through it.  This of course brings us to the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights is a list of Amendments to our Constitution.  It’s a list of individual Rights that they felt compelled to list and protect.  These aren’t ordinary, run of the mill Rights……nope.  They are what we refer to as God-given Rights.  Who can’t take away God-given Rights?  You got it…

Wait, what’s the militia statement mean?  I’m not part of a militia.  Dammit to hell, the Second Amendment doesn’t apply to me.  Well, you’re in luck; you may think the militia is similar to our National Guard but it’s not.  Back in 1791 the people were the militia.  You see the Bill of Rights is a list of individual Rights and the National Guard or whatever the left wishes to call the militia would have been an organized or standing army, an army of the state.

If that’s not enough they added the final piece.  The Right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed.  Any questions there?  Didn’t think so.  Yes, there’s been debates over the Bill of Rights as long as you and I have been alive.  Even longer but you get the picture.

Without a doubt the Second Amendment is the most import ant Right we have as Americans.  It protects and defends our other Rights as Americans from a tyrannical government.  It gives us the ability to be a well-armed militia and it’s going no where.  Americans around the nation are waking up and reading the Bill of Rights and our Constitution for what it is.  It’s a document that places limits on our government, not the people.

To celebrate our Constitution we suggest you go out and purchase a gun.  Then post a picture online to irritate a liberal.  If I’m ever elected President we will have Irritate a Liberal Month.  Protect your Second Amendment Rights and VOTE!  Be heard you well-armed American!

Your Friend,
Jester from Patriots Rising

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