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Well-Armed: Fully or adequately armed for war or combat

Reference: Oxford Dictionaries

Americans by far are the best-armed population in the WORLD.  Yes, we have enough firepower to start another branch of the military.  Why is this?  There are several reasons, but the primary reason would be the wisdom of our Founding Fathers.  They had just finished kicking the British out of North America and they were in the process of forming a brand new nation.  A nation known as the United States.

See, they had just finished battling tyranny and in no way did they ever want to go through that again.  They also didn’t want their descendants to go through it.  This of course brings us to the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights is a list of Amendments to our Constitution.  It’s a list of individual Rights that they felt compelled to list and protect.  These aren’t ordinary, run of the mill Rights……nope.  They are what we refer to as God-given Rights.  Who can’t take away God-given Rights?  You got it…

Wait, what’s the militia statement mean?  I’m not part of a militia.  Dammit to hell, the Second Amendment doesn’t apply to me.  Well, you’re in luck; you may think the militia is similar to our National Guard but it’s not.  Back in 1791 the people were the militia.  You see the Bill of Rights is a list of individual Rights and the National Guard or whatever the left wishes to call the militia would have been an organized or standing army, an army of the state.

If that’s not enough they added the final piece.  The Right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed.  Any questions there?  Didn’t think so.  Yes, there’s been debates over the Bill of Rights as long as you and I have been alive.  Even longer but you get the picture.

Without a doubt the Second Amendment is the most import ant Right we have as Americans.  It protects and defends our other Rights as Americans from a tyrannical government.  It gives us the ability to be a well-armed militia and it’s going no where.  Americans around the nation are waking up and reading the Bill of Rights and our Constitution for what it is.  It’s a document that places limits on our government, not the people.

To celebrate our Constitution we suggest you go out and purchase a gun.  Then post a picture online to irritate a liberal.  If I’m ever elected President we will have Irritate a Liberal Month.  Protect your Second Amendment Rights and VOTE!  Be heard you well-armed American!

Your Friend,
Jester from Patriots Rising

Criminally Liable

Our elected officials have broken their oath, they are liable when people die due to gun control.

They swore to support and defend the Constitution of the United States; there is no partial, what if or maybe.  They swore to defend the Constitution and what we call the law of the land.  No question whatsoever about that.  This includes the Second Amendment.

2A_ConstitutionThe Second Amendment is our recognized Right to bear arms as documented in the Bill of Rights by our Founding Fathers.  This includes but not limited to defending ourselves against criminals, the mentally unstable and yes, even a tyrannical government.  So what part of this is unclear to our elected representatives?

The Second Amendment is our Right to protect ourselves, family and property.  Should everyone carry a firearm?  It would be a good idea but this is a free country and if someone doesn’t want to carry that’s their Right.  We do not advocate that everyone should carry.  Absolutely not.  We do advocate that it’s everyone’s right.

imageAny local, state or the federal government that infringes on this Right is in direct violation to our Constitution.  If someone, anyone, wishes to carry a firearm for protection is denied this Right for any reason we should hold that government entity responsible.  This means that if someone has requested the Right to carry and has been denied, and is later harmed or killed, the government entity that denied that Right should be held accountable.  The Right of the people to carry arms is not confusing, it’s been the law for over 200 years.  No government entity has the right to deny the Right to self protection.

The left wants to hold firearm manufacturers accountable.  Why?  That’s like holding the victim accountable.  The person that committed the crime is accountable and the government entity that denied the Right to self protection is accountable.

Additionally, any elected official that purposes any infringements on our Constitutional Rights should be removed from office.  Anyone refusing to remove them from office has also committed a crime and therefore is unfit to serve the people.


History of the Second Amendment

The purpose of the article is to give you a condensed but fact filled overview of why our Founding Fathers included the Second Amendment in our Constitution. It’s fairly long but if you don’t now the history it’s a good read.

StormHorizonA storm is building off the horizon and will be upon us before we realize it. The storm has been building strength for years as our rights as Americans have been under attack by our elected officials. The only thing protecting these rights have been a couple pieces of old paper known as the Constitution of the United States. It was drafted in 1787 and ratified by the states in 1788, it was then followed by the first ten amendments, otherwise known as The Bill of Rights in 1791. One would think these documents which govern our nation would be held to the highest level of regard but as we know, they are not. If the laws they contained were as protected as the National Archive protects the actual documents we’d be in good shape.

Drafting these documents was not an easy task and many hurdles threatened the successful completion of the Constitution of the United States. How they actually completed the task they set out to do is a miracle and a story we’ll cover later.

2A_ConstitutionThe Second Amendment is the thorn in the side of tyranny. It’s meaning has been debated, twisted and misinterpreted for years and will be for years to come if we do not remove the traitorous scum who threaten it. Why it’s debated is a long story of control, tyranny and power. The British did not want our early colonialist to have arms. In fact they attempted to confiscate them. The British loved taxes, much like our current government does. The colonialist were weary of taxes, just as we are. As a result of taxes and tariffs the colonialist started talking, planning and that of course led to the Revolution. You may think you know the story from here but I doubt it. We study history in our schools but much of the story has been truncated, twisted and is made up. It has morphed into a fictional tale.

The people that fought in the revolution were farmers, merchants, business men. They were a militia, a group of non-professional fighters, citizens of the state they resided in. The British of course had a strong and powerful Standing Army. The most powerful army on the face of the planet. Yet a group of ordinary citizens, known as the militia banded together for a cause, a purpose and an end goal. That goal was freedom from a tyrannical government set on taxing the colonialists into extinction.

We all know the outcome of the war so we will move on to the years following. From 1781 to 1787 the law of the land was governed by a document known as the Articles of Confederation. These articles were actually drafted in 1777 but we’re not ratified by the states until 1781. The years after the war were tough, our economy was in ruin, the United States had massive debt as a result of the war. Each state was printing its own paper money, inflation was through the roof. The states were not working together and in fact they were working against each other. It was not a great time to be an American. As a result of these dark times a group of individuals wanted to make changes. Change is a difficult beast and is fought against with passion, yet in 1787 twelve of thirteen states got together to discuss and draft what we now know as the Constitution of the United States. They called this meeting the Constitutional Convention and 55 state delegates from twelve states gathered in Pennsylvania for four months. Rhode Island boycotted the Convention because the first draft did not include a Bill of Rights.

You may remember the revolution was a war between a militia and a standing army. A standing army was debated during the Convention of 1787 but the thought of a standing army controlled by a central government did not sit well with the states. George Washington was a strong supporter of a standing army which he continued to push during his Presidency. Needless to say a standing army controlled by a government and could be used against the states did not gain much support. They then discussed the states militia which is composed of able bodied men of the states. Part of this discussion suggested the government could supply and equip these men with arms in the event they were called upon again. On the surface this sounded like a reasonable responsibility of the government until they realized a government could withhold needed arms in times of tyrannical rule. After much discussion and debate the states could not support this recommendation and it become another side note of history. The fear of a powerful central government was in fact a major obstacle when drafting the Constitution. The states did not want anything to do with a central government and therefore wrote into the Constitution specific guidelines and limitation on the power the government would have. During the Convention, the lack of a Bill of Rights, which would further limit the powers of a central government continued to side track the debate but by some miracle the Convention continued. It must be mentioned that our Constitution had many roadblocks. We had issues with equal representation of the states, how the government would function, and even how many Executors would run the government. Yes, there were some that wanted multiple presidents so one person did not have a tyrannical hold on the government. It was decided that Congress would hold the power and the President would only uphold the laws of the Constitution. Yet with all the road blocks it managed to continue and finally complete.

Knowing these facts we can take another look at our Second Amendment as it was envisioned by our Founding Fathers.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

  • Beginning with the most obvious fact. The Second Amendments appears in the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights was written for the people and are the unalienable rights of every citizen. It was not written for the government. It was specifically written to keep the government from effing with them. Period.
  • A well regulated Militia: The Militia without a doubt was every able bodied man of the state. If they intended that only the Army had arms they would have stated “A well regulated Standing Army”. The term “standing army” was consistently used when discussing an army controlled, financed and supported by the government.The states feared a central government would jeopardize and encroach on their rights as a state and would eventually impose tyrannical rule over them. That is why they did not want a Standing Army or have the central government issue arms to the people (militia). Therefore we have “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State…”
  • “The right of the people to keep and bear arms” is self explanatory, with no confusing parts that can be twisted and distorted.
  • Finally we have. “Shall not be infringed”. Wow, there’s no question what that statement says, or implies.

Knowing history and knowing what our Founding Fathers wanted in a limited government puts the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in a new light. It is unquestionable what the Second Amendment means. Anyone in a position of power will have the urge from time to time to abuse their power. We know it and our Founding Fathers knew it. When we start questioning the meaning of the Constitution and Bill of Rights we dishonor the men and woman who have died protecting it. If you have taken an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against enemies foreign and domestic you must, without question honor that oath. If you do not, you are in fact an enemy of the United States of America.

Rights of the People

In a land of government oversight and infringements we still have, for the time being, the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  These documents prepared and presented by our founding fathers are what separates America from every other nation on the planet. The Bill of Rights is just that, the Bill of Right and not the Bill of Laws.  They are not laws granted or assigned to a few select.  They are unalienable rights that every American citizen is born with.  They cannot be debated, re-written or otherwise altered in anyway.

If our government continues down the path to tyrannical governance it will be these very rights that our founding fathers identified as unalienable that will save our nation.

The First Amendment gives us the freedom to discuss, debate and even criticize our government without threat of retribution or punishment.  It also gives the media that same protection and in normal circumstance the media would provide government oversight, yet this safeguard has failed. The media has failed to provide this oversight to the people, instead the majority of our media seems to be working for the government.

Secondly, we have the doomsday provision that’s activated when all else has failed; this is better known as the Second Amendment.  Many on the Left suggest this doomsday provision is out dated and useless in our current society.  I beg to differ; it’s our current society that’s makes this doomsday provision very much relevant.  These same individuals think it’s preposterous that an armed civilian uprising could be any match for our military. I agree, our military is an awesome force, the best equipped and trained in the world.  Which leads me to ask “What makes up the vast majority of our military?”  Our mighty military is made up of patriotic, freedom loving, flag raising AMERICANS who have taken a oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against enemies foreign and domestic.  What side do you think they would take if the doomsday provision was activated?

We can learn much from history and a civil war is the last thing anyone wants.  We as a nation need to focus on rebuilding and restructuring what has been lost over the years due to corrupt individuals with personal goals rather than national goals leading their decisions.

The Founding Fathers Never… Bull Sh*t

The agreement that our Bill of Rights is out dated and needs to be re-written or abandoned is a ridiculous argument. The Bill of Rights was written specifically to limit government abuses on the people. Most everyone that has issues with the Bill of Rights are gun-control advocates and they will always argue that the founding fathers never intended for the people to carry rocket launchers or some other form of military hardware. Unfortunately for them that is exactly what they intended.image  Our founding fathers were very concerned about government powers over the people, they did not want the government to be more powerful than the people, hence the Second Amendment. Every one of the first Ten Amendments was written specifically to limit government power with the Second Amendment being the doomsday provision for when the government goes off the reservation. So the next time a gun-control advocate tells you the Second Amendment is dated and needs to be rewritten or abolished you can tell them it’s still very much relevant. If fact it may be more relevant today than it was when it was written.