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Debating and Educating


Have you ever had a gun debate with a person that’s not for or against guns?

Today we all need to fight for our Second Amendment Rights.  We need to be educated and we need to spread that knowledge to those who do not have an opinion.

I had a conversation yesterday with my boss.  We started talking about politics which lead us into a conversation about guns.  She admitted she didn’t know much about guns or gun Rights but thought it was absurd that civilians could own and operate military weapons.  She also threw out that our Founding Fathers never intended on us to own these types of weapons.  I know, talking politics and guns at work is the fastest way to the unemployment line but I took this as an opportunity to educate her on our Rights as Americans.  We talked about guns and gun-control for 20-30 minutes and I think I cleared up some misconceptions about guns.  At the end of our conversations she mentioned she’d go to the next gun show to see what it was all about.  I also believe she now knows that the scary looking AR15 is no different than any other semi-automatic rifle out there.

Our Founding Fathers were concerned about a centralized government that was stronger than civilians.  The Second Amendment wasn’t written to protect our hunting rights.  It was written to protect us against tyranny.  They absolutely wanted the people of the United States to be as powerful, if not more than our government.  In our opinion we believe our Founding Fathers would disagree that our government bans certain types of weapons from private ownership.

True Agenda Revealed

Democrats are calling for gun control while Law Enforcement Officials across the Nation are urging citizens to arm themselves.

Why are the politicians calling for more gun control while our Nation is under attack from extreme religious fanatics?  Does this make sense?  So, who are you going to listen to, a self-serving and possibly corrupt politician or law enforcement officials?  I don’t know about you but I’m going with law enforcement on this one

Universal Background Checks

On November 27, 2015, 185,000 Americans went shopping for firearms and they found what they were looking for.

In fact we broke the single day record for background checks. Broke a RECORD. Way to go America! When Obama asked for us to talk about gun control during Thanksgiving I doubt he expect that one.

Gun grabbers want universal background checks because it will stop
gun violence. No it won’t. Anyone that buys a firearm from a firearms dealer must submit to a background check. Period. You simply can’t purchase a firearm without one. Now here’s where they start bitching and complaining. If you purchase a gun from a family member or friend you are not required to have a background check ran. This is what keeps them up a night. So let’s say universal background checks become law. You and your family member will go down to the local police station because you’re both law-abiding citizens. You will even pay the fee with possibly some bitching and complaining but hey, it’s the law. Has any of this prevented gun violence? Nope, not one bit. Why? It hasn’t prevented anything because you are a law-abiding citizen and have no intentions of criminal intent with your firearm.

Now we’re getting to the insane part. We have already established that law-abiding citizens follow the law and will have a background check ran. We have also established that anyone getting a background check already knows that murder is a felony, which means they have no plans of randomly shooting anyone. But wait, we have criminals. You know the people that do not follow the law and are known as criminals. Yep, those people do not follow the law. When has a thug ever said, we need to go down to the local police station before I buy this gun from your trunk? I’m thinking never. I could be wrong but I’ll bet money that’s never, ever happened.

Here’s a summary so far. Good people follow laws and will go through background checks. Bad people do not follow the laws and will not go through background checks.

Moving on! In order for Universal background checks to work we would require a national gun registry. The law cannot and will not work without one. What are the chances that we’ll start a gun registry anytime soon? Very low. Why you ask? Gun registries are the first thing any Nation needs to confiscate guns. First you start a gun registry and then secondly you confiscate all guns that have been registered. It won’t happen in America. Oh, they may start one but no one will willingly register their guns. They tried in New York or Massachusetts, it didn’t work.

Universal Background checks will only work if authorities have a way to track down who sold the gun illegally. Right now there are over 340 million guns in America. That’s an estimate, we believe it’s a conservative estimate. Let’s say you’re a criminal and you have fifty guns that you want to sell. No one knows you have them so you can sell them to anyone you want. If one of those guns is tied back to a crime in the future they have no way of knowing you sold it. In order to resolve that little problem we would need all guns to be registered. Once all guns are registered you are directly tied to those fifty guns and if you sell it illegally it can be traced back to you. The entire system relies on a registry, it simply cannot and will not work without one.

We must ask the question again. Why do gun grabbers want universal background checks if it’s doomed to fail? Baby steps, small infringements here and there until they get what they want. They are willing to spend billions on a system that will do nothing. They know it will do nothing, but hey, it’s only tax payers money.

Universal Background Checks will do nothing. Prevent nothing. Cost everything.


We Shall Not Comply

The debate over our individual Rights to bear arms ended on December 15, 1791. Anyone who wishes to infringe on these Rights is in direct violation of our Constitutional Rights and therefore a traitor to our nation.

The world is under siege by extreme religious fanatics and many nations have disarmed their citizens. We as Americans have the Right to bear arms and it’s our duty as Americans to fight all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Any elected official who seeks citizen disarmament is a traitor to our nation and a terrorist sympathizer.

Any citizen of the United States who wishes their fellow Americans be disarmed and defenseless is a terrorist sympathizer.

We shall not comply! We shall fight and you will lose!

Universal Background Checks


The thought processes of our gun-control advocates are confusing and at times bat shit crazy. We’ve all heard their cries for universal background checks……”If it only saves one life!!!” Whatever. Go preach to someone that believes your line of BS! Background checks will not work. Bad guys do not abide by our laws, which is why we call them criminals.

So, let’s say for the sake of argument that universal background checks will reduce gun violence; even if it saves one life! I’m all for responsible gun ownership and I would never sell a gun to a bad guy or mentally unstable person, even if I needed the money to buy food for my family. Let’s review some of the steps needed for a background check before we move on: The only way to run a background check is to drive to a FFL or a police station. This takes valuable time out of your schedule and it also costs money. Two strikes already and we just got started. Who wants to drive to an FFL or police station? Who wants to pay the $25, $50 or more transfer fee? I’m thinking not that many will.

Here’s a suggestion

  1. Place NICS on the internet
  2. Allow unrestricted access
  3. Do not charge a fee
  4. Print out a confirmation page that you have submitted and passed a background check with your name and date.
  5. The seller would retain the confirmation page for their records.
  6. Seller and buyer are happy and we can have universal background checks to shut up the gun-control groups.

Would a system like this work? Of course it would, but it will never happen. It will never happen because gun-control advocates do not really want a background check; they want to make the lives of gun owners miserable and they want to ban guns. They cry for background checks today and once they have achieved that, they will begin to cry for something else.

Responsible gun owners are responsible. Criminal gun owners are criminals. It is truly that simple.

You Want It? Come and take!

Gun confiscation is the true end goal of Democrats and liberals around the country!  It’s a fact that they continuously push gun-control even when they know it will not make a difference.  They love saying we don’t want to take your guns but you and I know that that’s the holy grail of gun control supporters.

Last week the liberals had several huge wins.  The SCOTUS ruled in favor of ObamaCare and gay marriage.  We also had them rally behind the banning of the Confederate flag.  We now have the crazy lot wanting to destroy national monuments because they are racist.  Please.  Liberals have fanned the racist card way too often.  If they truly want to see what a racist is they should look into a mirror.  This brings us to our rant.

MolonLabe-02The gun-control narrative is getting old.  Do you want to ban guns?  Do you want to confiscate guns?  Do you want to completely eradicate guns from our society?  Do you want the Southern states to secede? What about the mid-western states?  Stop tip toeing around your end goals.  Do you truly want a civil war?  This slow and unrelenting attack on our freedoms grows tiresome.  We have been passive for way to long and if you truly want to test our resolve go ahead and ban guns!  Let’s get this over with now and forever.


One week ago a lone, deranged and mentally ill person attacked a church and killed people. Rather than mourning those that were lost and coming up with an actual game plan to address these types of deranged individuals we completely freak the hell out. A flag that has been part of our history for over one hundred years is banned, removed and merchants refuse to sell it. We call for gun control laws that have done nothing and will do nothing to stop future events. We have politicians repeating the same statements over and over because they are incapable of original thought. The Pope calls anyone associated with weapons hypocrites. We have journalists and politicians fueling the fire of hatred. We have given the shooter exactly what they wanted………mayhem, disbelief, hatred…….
To our leaders…..I hope you’re proud of what we have become. I’m embarrassed beyond belief and to many of us you are a disgrace! Please stand for something and stop following the mob.

Gun Free Zones

All over our nation we have gun free zones. These target rich environments have proven worthless when some lunatic wants to cause bodily harm to others and to make themselves a household name. Why haven’t they worked as many think they should? Well the answer is pretty simple yet many fail to underGun-Control02stand, which is probably why we still have them. The simple explanation is bad people do not follow the laws and they sure the hell don’t pay attention to a little sign. There you have it! It’s a short one sentence explanation that seems to confuse so many. Why is this? Well there’s a simple explanation for that one as well and again it’s one short sentence. They have their heads up their ass! Again, nothing confusing here just the simple truth. When we were kids we used to play and imagine we had imaginary force fields around us, much like these gun free zones. Unfortunately they didn’t work then and they definitely don’t work today. Go ahead and give it a try if you don’t believe me. Imagine really hard that you have a protective force field around your entire body. You must think really hard or it won’t work. Once your mentally ready run really, really fast into a brick wall. Did it protect you?

The same principles and logic can be applied to gun-control as a whole. Why doesn’t gun-control work to stop or at least prevent random acts of violence? It’s because bad people do not follow the laws. If they don’t follow the laws why do we have them? Well that’s another good question and the answer is (you guessed it) simple. We have laws so when laws are broken the person responsible for breaking that law is punished accordingly. If we did not have bad people we would not need laws, but that’s not the case and I don’t see it happening anytime soon. So while the gun grabbers are out there making up their own statistics to agree with their agenda we’re stuck writing rants that defend our god given rights. It’s an endless circle. A bad person harms or kills someone, the gun grabbers instantly jump on the guns are evil bandwagon and you and I are shaking our heads trying to find the connection. It will never change and because we can’t fix stupid we’re locked into this endless cycle.

It’s not difficult to discredit and prove without a doubt that gun-control in all its forms is flawed. This doesn’t even take into consideration that it’s a right we’ve had for over 200 years. So how can they even attempt to pass gun-control laws when our Bill of Rights state without question that we have the right to be armed and this right shall not be infringed? Yes, it’s still unclear as to which part of that is confusing. Let me point out that “Armed” doesn’t mean firearms, it means we can be armed with anything that makes us feel secure and protected. Whether that be a knife, sword, gun, cannon or even an effing tank. And if you happen to own an effing tank I’m jealous! If you have the means to buy a tank so be it. Although it may be difficult to slide that puppy into your pocket or purse, and parallel parking it would be a bitch. Being armed is a right and we’ve cleared up the confusion of the word ARMED. Then we have “Shall not be infringed”. I think that is clearly understandable and no explanation is needed, even for our liberal readers out there.
So gun-control benefits the criminals and mentally unstable while turning a complete populace into defenseless targets, Wow! We have managed to discredit all the myths about gun free zones and gun-control! I feel much better and now on to world peace.

As I rant about the complete and utter stupidity of our mindless liberal friends I must point out that our society, way of life and freedoms are close to extinction. If we continue down this path and do nothing to stop the liberal pandemic that threatens our nation, our children and their children will not know what freedom is. Laws no matter how well they are written or how logical they seem will never prevent people from making the wrong decision.

Common Sense?

Common Sense is a basic ability to perceive, understand, and judge.

“It is a thousand times better to have common sense without education than to have education without common sense.”
-Robert G Ingersoll

here-lies-common-senseThese days the Federal Government and gun-control advocates are pushing “Common Sense Gun-Control”.  We have issues with their understanding of the term.  Many individuals may be extremely intelligent but lack the basic ability to comprehend the simplest concepts of reality.

So let’s explore some of the common sense proposals they have suggested in regards to gun-control.

  • Background checks for private transfers!
    • Have you ran a background check to make sure I’m legally able to own this firearm?  Said no criminal EVER!
  • Banning standard capacity magazine!
    • That’s a 30 round magazine… we can’t use that.  Said no criminal EVER!
  • Banning or restricting concealed carry!
    • Make sure you have your concealed carry permit before we hold up that bank.  Said no criminal EVER!
  • Gun Free Zones!
    • This sucks! It’s a gun free zone. We need to pick another victim rich environment.  Said no criminal EVER!
  • Banning Firearms!
    • If they ban firearms we won’t be able to get our hands on any.  Said no criminal EVER!

If you are unable to comprehend these examples then you my friend lack common sense and therefore forfeit your right to suggest any and all common sense gun-control laws.